KeelahMonster's blog

 Hey guys, sorry, I should really log in more often. I tend to get busy  and it slips my mind. I make most of my costumes and not all of them end up getting CosDev content either because of going against rules (Disney stuff, young characters, lots of blood and gore) or I haven't quite thought up a good scenario for them yet, but I do have a lot of CosDev content I'm planning in the near future! I've got Hanzo and Reaper shot, so hopefully you'll get to see those in the future. Then what I haven't shot yet includes:
Ciri (Witcher 3)
Triss Merigold (Witcher 3)
Bloody Mary (Wolf Among Us)
Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft)
Squiggly (Skullgirls)

Then there's some costumes I want to shoot one day that I'm just starting to build!
Syanna (Witcher 3 :Blood and Wine)
Cerebella (Skullgirls)
Sombra (Overwatch)
Shani (Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone)
Kasumi (DOA)


  I apologize for the obvious weight gain in my newest set which hasn't gone up yet and is not yet in previews. For those who don't know, I only recently recovered from EDNOS (an eating disorder that does not fit into either bulimia or anorexia, rather I fit the purging aspect of bulimia but not the binging as I restrict instead). As a result I gained some weight during the down time of recovery. I've gotten it all off again, but the set is from back in August so this was right as I was teetering between relapse and recovery so my body was all over the place. I hope you will all still like the set and be very understanding.


    I might do a donation set or something as female Hancock because I'm pretty sure ghoul makeup would violate set standard rules and I don't really think genderbent AND human would be particularly recognizable, but I am so all about Fallout lately, I've been addicted to Fallout 4 since early March and I banged out a Hancock costume in like a week or so because I'm ridiculous. It looks really good, but I just doubt I could use it for Deviants stuff...oh well, I'm also finishing up Triss Merigold from The Witcher series, so that I can probably shoot <3 maybe Philippa Eilhart as well, though then I would be turned on by my own set which might be really awkward. I'm also working on Ruby from Once Upon a Time, but I'm pretty sure since ABC is owned by Disney she counts as a Disney character so that's a thing I also couldn't do.


  Hey guys, I will be getting back to shooting possibly very soon, Things have been hectic with new costumes, new living arrangements, and lots and lots of other stuff. Also I will be getting engaged officially at Dragon Con 2016! Been getting caught up on Fallout 4 and some Witcher stuff, but otherwise, not much else to tell. Working on lots of new costumes, though.


 I am at SLCC. If you are also there, you can see me. I will be there as Mass Effect 2 Tali either at my friend, QE Props' booth modeling or riding around on the Destiny Sparrow he made because I am a giant child....well...a slightly taller than usual child...I'm five feet tall..I am pocket Tali. I wish I had prints since he said I was allowed to sell my prints at his booth, but alas, I have few sets that weren't shot specifically for Deviants and therefore nothing to sell. But still, I have large breasts in a tight suit, you can look at those. My friend also sells cool guns, which are at the booth, so two great reasons to come by! He takes commissions (and I also do for videos and prints, but those you have to message my fanpage about as this is a family con.)

  I've got a lot of new costumes in the works or already finished, just a matter of how to order them as far as Deviants sets. My Merrill set was just accepted, which means my Bioware love interest streak is in full swing, so naturall I should plan for Sera, Leliana, Bastila, Silk Fox, or a Neverwinter Nights or Baldur's Gate costume next, but do I want to mix it up with something silly or nostalgic or cartoony? Because I also have Linda Maltini from Snowboard Kids, Lapis Lazuli, Pearl, and Peridot from Steven Universe, humanoid variations of Kazooie from Banjo Kazooie, and  some more Warcraft/Heroes of the Storm stuff in the works...hmm...although if I did any of the Steven Universe stuff I'd want to do a duo set to play with fusion a bit.

New things

Hoping to see my Merrill set go up soon and also I'm joing the Deviants Twitch stream this sunday!  We'll be helping Lone Wanderer Nicholas Cage find his father and steal the Declaration of Independence...also there will be DeathClaws. Or we might play New Vegas with Courier Nomi Malone and her quest to become a famous Showgirl whose spurs 'a jingle jangle jingle across the nuked to hell stage of the Stardust. Join me after HeroesCon this Sunday!

Dragon Age

  So I'm gearing up to do a Merrill set next week (just have to pay the photographer and everything's all ready!) but after that once I move to Charlotte I really want to do a set as Leliana...I'm hoping to find someone to be Morrigan or a female Grey Warden for a duo set though, so it may have to wait a while. Oh well, I have Sera in the mean time and I want to do more Tali stuff while still on the Bioware line of thought.

  Just hashed out some details for doing a Tali and Morinth duo set with Bebop in March! This is going to be exciting!! We even got a pretty choice location thanks to my photographer's connections!

  It's been so cold but this is a nice in door set that won't cause any frostbite troubles. It's going to be pretty awesome as I was left a lot of old books by a beloved relative. I also plan another Tali shoot very soon as well as some very new and exciting things besides! It will be very much a Bioware few months for me so far as submissions as I plan Sera and Merrill as well as Tali. Maybe also Inquisitor Lavellan?