Hi everyone! My Lulu set has not been accepted by Cosplay Deviants... I am very sad because the photos are beautiful!

Would you like to see them? I will not publish them on my social media but there are two ways to get them: Patreon or 
buying the set. More info on my Patreon post: https://www.patreon.com...            

Hi everyone!

I made an account on Patreon! If you wanna support me there is a Tier for you sure, every $1 mean so much to me! I Will include better things to thank you all the support.

There will be a lot of cosplay and many photos as a model, and more exclusive content!

In case you wanna check it out:




Hi everyone! I'm a new cosplayer at Cosplay Deviants! I'm Isiliel, a cosplayer and model from Spain, nice to meet you! I have many ideas for my cosplay sets and I'm very excited to be a Cosplay Deviant Model Hopeful! I'm working on my first set yet, I hope you like it! 💕




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