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Hello there!

After a little 2 monthes break in cosplay and modeling, I broke down and put on my Cirilla costume x)

It's a Uwowo bought base and I removed some parts and add others from my multiple LARP costumes ^^ Leather is of waaaay better quality! 

This is not even the final version, I need to do a better makeup and find a way for this wig to no fall with the weight of the hair bun. I want it to be dirty and not that smooth, she's a warrior for Lebioda's sake! Oh yeah, I took off those famous belts.. I want to find a real one, not that plastic stuff that don't even fits my waist. And the boots, I need to craft perfect ones. Not to mention the sword!

Anyway, here's a pic of this costume :) There's more on my insta and Facebook page, get a look!

Love and joy!

Kisses ~