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Hello there!

So here we are, with a shooting date for Mimi, Perona and genderbend Peter Pan.

I don't know if these three characters will be eligible on here, but I want to shoot them anyway ♥ Which one would you like to see first? 

I have a black kitty set, I wanted to use it to incarnate Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service, but I'm afraid it would just look like a random nekogirl set, and I want moooore :D So I need you to help me to chose between Panther Lily from Fairytail and the Cheschire Cat from Pandora Hearts. I could do both, maybe I will! What do you think? ;)

You still can find me on Instagram here: @impluna_. I post several photos and stuff I do everyday :D It would be great to see you there ♥

Have a great day ~