Yesterday I finished Jolyne's wig! Oh well, I started AND finished it, took me a few hours to color the base and sew the buns and braids. It seemed heavy in my hands but was really comfy on my head! Arda surely have the best products ♥

So I'm preparing Jolyne Kujo's costume (from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures), Rider Bulma and bringing Cirilla too, which will have the second version I prepared fo her ;) Exclu for Polymanga! 

If you wanna see those costumes (and crafting parts of course) you should check my insta: @impluna_ ! 

I'm going with Shae and Mikadoh Cosplay! 

See you around ♥

Luna ~

New Shayt!


Hi there!

News! If you don't know Picolo's art, well you probably should take a look: he's doing awesome artworks of casual Teen Titans, building a fanzine and stuff ♥

So this is where this cosplay is from: yes it's casual! But Horizon_705 (Shae's photography page) and I had a lot of fun shooting it :D Stay in touch on our Instagrams to see the next pictures!

Also, Cosplay Deviant related: I shot a video this last week with Julien Rico, the character is Perona as I didn't managed to get enough nude pics for my set to be accepted: so here we are! Planning a video of it :D

Have a nice day!

Luna ~

This is the kind of New Year's Eve I love! 

Having almost no clothes, drinking champagne, eating fancy stuff while playing with my BF. Tryharding so much we'll be drunk before we win.

This THE REAL DEAL achievement will be ours tonight, or 2018's gonna sucks! 

Oh well, 2018 is at least starting with three whole days of shoot, some cosplay, some Film Noir stuff, some fantasy.. Stay tuned on my insta: @impluna_

And have a great evening! ♥

Luna ~

Hello there!

After a little 2 monthes break in cosplay and modeling, I broke down and put on my Cirilla costume x)

It's a Uwowo bought base and I removed some parts and add others from my multiple LARP costumes ^^ Leather is of waaaay better quality! 

This is not even the final version, I need to do a better makeup and find a way for this wig to no fall with the weight of the hair bun. I want it to be dirty and not that smooth, she's a warrior for Lebioda's sake! Oh yeah, I took off those famous belts.. I want to find a real one, not that plastic stuff that don't even fits my waist. And the boots, I need to craft perfect ones. Not to mention the sword!

Anyway, here's a pic of this costume :) There's more on my insta and Facebook page, get a look!

Love and joy!


Hello Deviants!

Moaning Myrtle have been accepted! Here's a little sneak peak of the look of the set ♥

I'm waiting for the review of Perona too, and is planning my Bilbo set ~ I'm so excited about all of this!

You should know I'm keeping my best cosplays for you Deviants, and my best pictures as well! ♥

Have a nice day!

Luna ~

Hello there!

So here we are, with a shooting date for Mimi, Perona and genderbend Peter Pan.

I don't know if these three characters will be eligible on here, but I want to shoot them anyway ♥ Which one would you like to see first? 

I have a black kitty set, I wanted to use it to incarnate Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service, but I'm afraid it would just look like a random nekogirl set, and I want moooore :D So I need you to help me to chose between Panther Lily from Fairytail and the Cheschire Cat from Pandora Hearts. I could do both, maybe I will! What do you think? ;)

You still can find me on Instagram here: @impluna_. I post several photos and stuff I do everyday :D It would be great to see you there ♥

Have a great day ~




Next Sets ~

Hello there!

Just a little post to say I'm still working on my new costumes. The fact is, the post company lost one of my package, and the other one didn't bother to send it after two monthes of ordering. SO! I'm waiting, same as you. Rick Grimes and Jiji will have to wait, so I'll try to find an accurate place for Moaning Myrtle instead :)

I'm very busy these days, with my apprenticeship and with photos. Lately I've been to Brussels to shoot with two other models friends. I've made money, but someone stole my purse and everything in it when I came back. So, yeah. Harsh times ^^ But I'll keep going!

Stay in touch ♥

Hello there!

I just created a new instagram for my cosplay stuff. I only had one for tattoos and drawing, but I thought it would be easier to have a contact with you if I made a proper one. 

So here we go! Just add me at @impluna_ ♥ But if you want to follow my art things, it's @ghostofasigh.

Two costumes are actually really on their way, I'm just waiting for some props to arrive to make you a few test pics (and they'll be on insta sooo..). Rick and Jiji are coming!