Hi guys! It's been a while since my last post or activity here, sorry about that, I keep thinking about this web as something important to me and when things gets better to be able to visit you at cons, but I need to get some papers before that happens. I still want to do content to send here, I'm very into Genshin Impact right now and I have plans about  to shoot a set from that game, do you play it? Which character is your waifu and should be in my profile? Personally I want to do a Xiangling set to submit 😊 I let you here a selfie of the cosplay if you don't know the character.


Have a nice day and stay safe! 



Hi! I hope you had a a beautiful Xmas <3

My birthday is comming and I made a new wishlist C: if you want to give me some gift

I will be very happy and as a thank you, you can get some extra material from me ^^

this is the link:


Hope to have some new sets here soon :3 


With love: Hitomi <3

Hi guys! I'm very excited because a new set of mine is on the way :) this is the Rem Wedding Version, if you don't had the opportunity to get the scale figure, well I made it for you ❤

Do you want to see a Christmas set of me this year? In 2017 I made a video for halloween, this year I'm thinking to make a christmas set but I want to read your opinions and know what do you want to see c: please give me ideas :3


Have a great week!!

Hi guys! I hope you have an excellent year!

I have some sets in queue to be accepted, cross your fingers to see it here :) 

I want to thank for your messages, some days before was my birthday, I had a great day.  If you want to give me something this is my Amazon wishlist


I don't have patreon but if you want to support me send me a message, I have some goodies to give back 

Thanks for all your support, I hope you like the sets that I have planned for this year 


Kisses  Hitomi

Xmas goodies

hello guys, I wasn't able to send a video or set for Christmas, but anyway I made some goodies for these holidays ~ umaruuu
dm me for more info. in other things, I will be inactive for a few days in December, but I will be back soon ^^


pd: next month (dec 31) is my birthday, if you want to spoil me a little, this is my amazon wishlist :3 


Good Doll

Hi guys! My second video "Good Doll" will be released very soon, it's the Chucky Kotobukiya version,  I'm so excited because I enjoyed a lot doing it and I loved the results, I hope you like it too :)  

I want to do more videos in the future, recently I made one of Tohsaka Rin but was rejected, send me a message for more info if you want. Even so I have some sets in queue to be accepted here ^^ so cross the fingers please :3

PD: don't forget to follow me on Instagram and if you want to send me a message to say hi or ask for something do it (: and sometimes people likes to learn more about cosplay too


Hi guys! I'm excited because my fifth set will be released the next week!
I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for sending me messages, I always respond because I like to give you some of my time, I'm very happy to be part of this family

Remember that I have a wishlist, if you like to support me to continue creating more cosplay or just make me happy, this is the link https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/6ALLXITW91FC/ref=nav_wishlist_list

Thanks for all your support!! 


First video!

Hi guys! I'm so excited because the release of my first video "Sensual Synth" is very soon! I hope you like it ❤!

I'm so happy here, thinking about new ideas and concepts for you :) I'm not gonna stop for a long time hehe 😄

 Thanks for all your support! 

Hi everybody! I'm so happy to be part of the Cosplay Deviants Calendar 2018 with my Rem cosplay. I received some PM asking me if I have plans to do a set from Rem, we made one :D and this is a preview, hope all goes well, be accepted and you enjoy it soon!

I'm glad to receive messages from you, do not hesitate to do so :)

By the way, I have a wishlist, If you want to send me a present and make me happy :3 this is the link:https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/6ALLXITW91FC/ref=nav_wishlist_list

Thanks to be so kind with me!!

Kisses ~ Hitomi

Hi Guys! thanks for watching my Q&A last week. Tomorrow I have my photo shoot of Mumei battle version for Cosplay Deviants, I hope you can hang out the live stream on CosDev facebook Fanpage <3