So trying to be more active on here and give you guys more details about whats been going on :)

Ive been super busy, and have quite a few cosplays im working on for both the site and for upcoming conventions! I also have some already shot that should be going up soon so im pretty excited for that, as well as a bunch of group and duo sets. 

Ill also be working at MegaCon for the first time YAY! i cant wait, i love doing conventions and working the CD booth and i cant wait to see everyone there. <3 Ill be wearing some brand new cosplays so if you're gonna be there you get first peek :D. I also will be coming back to DragonCon so i get to see you guys again who go there, its one of my faves and im working on a super secret special cosplay that ive been wanting to do FOREVER :D. *all the hush, but all the excite!*

Anymews, have you guys seen my latest video? eek! i love it so much, i cant wait to do more, ive been talking about getting more vide...

Hey loves! Hope everyone has been well! Sorry for not being on so much, ive been on the road alot! However Im pretty excited about some new things happening...Ive got a ton of new solos and duos coming out soon, with both the gorgeous Renee Storm and the lovely Frell! Ive had alot of fun shooting them all, and still have a ton of new ones i need to shoot. I will also be doing alot more conventions in the next few months so i have so many plans for new cosplays for those! Im loving all the new sets up on the site, seriously so much awesomness! I hope everyone is doing well, and hope to be on here more!


yea. you heard me. so as you all know, im on tour and working my booty off. HOWEVER Renee Storm, Sinful Side of SSD, Sobootyful and i managed (somehow) to , within 6 days of an 11 day period..shoot 22 cosplay deviant sets. duos and solos. WE ARE EXHAUSTED. but soooo proud. we have put SO much work into these, and are so excited for them. im so glad i got to be part of this amazing team... our upcoming sets include arkham asylum poison ivy and harley quinn, dr stein and medusa (soul eater), jinx and white raven (teen titans), my old favorite death with the lovely desire (the endless), melisandra and daenerys (GOT) and MANY MANY more...including the lovely katya from archer and another secret character soon to be revealed MWAHHHHHAAHAHA. we really busted our butts in all the costuming and working, and at one point poor renee had to half carry me to the shower because my back completely gave out (YAY NONSTOP SHOOTING) but we are SO PROUD and we got them all done in the time we had. so ...

EEEK! im trying to be good and not spill the beans (metaphorically..kus..eww. beans. gross...moving on!) and tell everyone but gahhhh im so excited!

so my Lady Death video and photoset will be coming to CD soon, along with a few other characters ill be shooting this month and im so excited!

also, i MAY have a gorgeous mystery lady coming to texas in a month or two to shoot some duo sets with me, and while i dont want to give away the suprise...


ITS GONNA BE AMAZING! excited ramblings are over..for now!


for the lovely comments on my newest set, and the bday wishes! u guys rock <3333

my "death" set goes live wed! with a video soon to follow, and a dup set with Morpheous up soon! WOOOT

*runs in circles til tripping and falling over self*

sooo..not only did i get to sit behind the scenes (aka catching all the thrown bras and panties and muttering dirty things under my breath) while Bear and Meko did an AWESOME two girl set for the site, but Bear and i will be shooting two more solo sets, along with an epic two girl set (not saying who we're being yet tho!) next friday before we leave on well as we should have everything done by the time we return to shoot a two girl set we have been planning for over a year, before i was even accepted! this set is gonna be something im more excited about then anything else, so excuse me for rambling..but..mew! *dances wildly* aka..uber busyness! and i cant wait to see u all at dragoncon! <3
hellooooo neverland! lots going on lately, got quite a few cosplay sets in the works with the lovely and ever so amazing Anastassia Bear so been pretty busy with that! we're also planning our tours for august..first hitting up the east coast including Baltimore, then NJ, PA and NY! heading back to austin, then heading our happy butts to ATL for dragoncon *squee* now to just get all my cosplays done for that *frantic scrambling starts now* in other news, ive been clearing out my closet and have the first batch up now..lip service, lolita stuff, tripp etc and more to come soon in other news..i love popcorn. and am currently covered in butter..and the happiest girl in the world. mew! hope everyones doing well out there! =^.^=

been a busy busy bee lately, bear and i have been shooting alot and working on getting oour new cosplays ready for august! im super excited to go to dragoncon so i want everything to be perfect (aka im spazzing out daily to make it so hehe!) aside from shooting, our print and poster sales and planning cosplays we're also planning TWO tours for august so things should be pretty busy! animews i hope everyone is doing well, and i shall get back to having an epic allergy attack..yay!

<3 hex