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I've spent years trying to get my Faye Valentine on Cosplay Deviants and I have finally done it in the form of a video I am so so proud of - coming out on CD mid july 2018. (Videographer Tyler Benjamin)

Also this summer I'm doing 2 big group cosplays with other deviants and I could NOT BE MORE PUMPED UP!!





This puzzle may or may not have been so frustrating that it took 3 months too complete :P

this was a Christmas present and we assembled it while watching Game of Thrones - finally posting months after its been put away 



This is my extremely lazy Cosplay 2017 Year in Review with BTS from a few sets that didn't make the cut. (Photography Credit to Kanani Designs on the pro photos (non selfie) )

My Nurse Sonico was accepted for Valentines Day release and Mavis is in queue!

^didnt end up using this wig

2018 I have shot/ am ready to to photosets/videos for

-Moka Akashiya (inner and outer!)

-Elizabeth -SDS main office outfit

-Tohru - just finished the tail build!

-getting stuff for Darkness Snow (Konosuba)

- have some pinup villains in mind





holding my fangs tenderly




First Post

Hi Guys! Harley here <3

You may remember me from a short stint as a Potential Deviant in chat Summer of 2016, and now here I am to stay! I'm so happy that my Tsunade set was accepted and I have an upcoming Halloween release!

Not Halloween lol
Halloween 2016 on a sex swing

I started modeling January 2016 and have pursued all different avenues of expression from boudoir, to more kink/ erotic. During this time I was also a Suicide Girls hopeful, but I found much more camaraderie and love from the fanbase and culture here! I'm a very driven person and cosplay is challenging for me - getting all the details and outfit/make up down takes amazing effort - but where I thrive is the "play" part - I love to get into character and have wayyyy too much fun once the camera starts going. I am a natural exhibitioni...