Hey all! It's been a while, but I finally squared away some photog time, and we are getting a new potential set edited as we speak! Anyone else remember Total Drama Island?

I've recently connected with 3 new photographers and I'm starting to solidify dates for shoots! I've got Ouka coming up right before HolMat next month, reshooting Sivir and Yuri shortly after that, and a few other outdoor shots that I'm keeping a secret!

I've been posting stuff on my Instagram too! Bowsette hype pulled me in with Chompette and I just fell head over heels and finished her for a Halloween party.

Feels good to have more stuff solidly working again, and with extremely reputable photographers! See progress and bts shots at @gilded_siren on instagram!

Finally set up an Instagram for my modeling work here and elsewhere! I'm excited to share all the fun and sexy pictures I have tucked away, as well as sneak peeks at the future!

Find me @gilded_siren!

I'm back!

Hey there, Moon fans! I'm back! I have two new shoots this weekend that are hopefuls for CD, and I'm so excited to share them! They are two costumes I've wanted to shoot for a while. And in a few weeks, I shoot two more! I have so much content coming up for y'all now that I finally have another photographer 🖤🖤🖤

Sorry for the radio silence, but my partner and I are moving in a few weeks! I've been super busy with getting the house ready and cleaned up, as well as attending conventions I had planned!

Once we get settled in, I have three costumes lined up for shoots and submissions, so more content is inbound, I swear!

Thanks for all the kind words on my first set, Robin. It really made me feel welcome in the Deviant community and look forward to doing more shoots for you guys!

Love you all 🖤🖤🖤

First set!

I'm very excited to have my first set accepted! I look forward to producing more content for everyone 🖤