I'm so excited that my first set is finally out and debuted.  Thank you for all the comments and critiques!  Helps me make my next sets better! ;)  Black Rock Shooter has been one of my favorite badass characters since I saw the original OVA!  A few questions I've had were are the stitches real, tattooed, or draw on?  My makeup artist totally drew them on with eyeliner lol.  It worked well I think and kept it true to the character.  Another was is the sword I used a prop or real?  It's totally a real double edged blade.  I borrowed it from a friend of mine with the promise that I won't cut myself with it.  Good thing I didn't! :)  My next set is in progress and I cannot wait until you guys get to see it!  A hint?  It's a not so well known FF character!

I'm so totally excited!  I just got word that my first set has been accepted!  I have been waiting for this like all summer so I'm super stoked about it!  Can you tell? haha.  If you love swords and scars, I really think you'll like this set ;)  Can't wait!


Finally getting around to getting my first set shot and hopefully (cross your fingers) accepted!  I don't want to give too many hints away but it will involve a black trench coat and a sword!  How cool is that!?  So for the time being...hang in there!  My shoot is in two weeks and I can't wait to see what this lovely community thinks! :D

So, this is somewhat of my welcoming blog post.  I'm not used to having a personal blog so I'm gonna try not to bore anyone :P  I found this 'ultimate list of favorites' so I'll just fill that out for some fun facts.  I hope haha.

Favorite movie? Moulin Rouge!

Favorite novel?  Identical by Ellen Hopkings

Favorite Color? Red, Black, and Purple

Favorite Actor? Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress? Emma Stone

Favorite Hero? The Phoenix (Idk if she's a 'hero' but I love her.)

Favorite Villain? Harley Quinn!

Favorite Candy?  Wild Berry Skittles!

Favorite Band? AFI - I do tend to listen to most music though.

Favorite Anime? Elfen Lied

Favorite Game? Team Fortress 2 and Sims

Favorite Food? Pasta 

I think I'll leave it at that and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask away!  Hope you guys have as much fun reading as I did typing :P