Hey!  Hey you!  I uploaded a mini shoot for my Sailor Mars in my VIP member thread and I'm going to be giving out the link in chat over the next few weeks :)  It's a few hot pictures of my favorite sailor scout before I shoot her again!  Preview you say?  Look down here!

Guess who!?

Me :P  I seriously love playing a villain (shh my secret!) and bringing Baroness to life has been nothing but fun!  I do have a potential friend who is my Scarlet and we plan to have a duo on this site at some point!  But until then, you'll just have to enjoy Baroness in all her evil glory!  So excited for this omg!

Ahhhh!  I've moved half way across the country and can now shoot sets all year long instead of being stuck in a studio for 6 months out of the year.  (Totally not fun).  I have super exciting news about a set that just got accepted and can't wait for you guys to see it ;)  I'm also planning on shooting a set with in the next month!  Here's a hint:


So, if you haven't been hanging out in chat for awhile or hadn't hear, I'm going to be putting a link in my VIP thread on the forums with FULL access to my Super Girl set!  This set is a donation set (no costs woo!) to all the VIPs.  Not yet a VIP?  100 forum posts and bam you have access!  Neat huh?  I'll be reshooting Super Girl in September for an official CD set too!  Go peak :)


That's right! Starting this past weekend I'm doing 2 shoots a weekend for the next 2 weeks!  I started this weekend out with French Maid Nidalee and Serah!  Next weekend we'll see some Angel Alexiel and Supergirl then finishing out with Baroness and my first ever DUO SET!  I'm totally pumped to get to work with a brand new hopeful Deviant and help her on her first solo set and shoot a duo with her for when she gets accepted :)

I've been shooting and learning as I've been doing this whole Deviants thing :)  I shot a set for SuperGirl and it just didn't turn out like I dreamed it would so I'm going to reshoot it so you guys get the best from me!  Another exciting thing!  I'm going to be shooting hoepfully FIVE sets within July!  You can expect some League of Legends action, Star Wars, Supergirl, Gurren Lagann, and Angel Sanctuary!  Whoa!  Wish me luck xo

So here is a super hint as to what my next set will be!  This was my first cosplay ever and I'm totally stoked to be able to shoot it and share with the rest of CD :)  I'll be shooting it next Sunday and then getting it submitted asap!  I can't wait!

So after much delay I have the best news for me so far 2015, I submitted my next set TODAY!  I'm really happy with how it turned out and I'm crossing my fingers that CD will love it too.  So, now just the waiting game on acceptance!

On a side note, due to temps being below zero where I'm at and snow everywhere...a lot of my awesome set ideas are on hold until it warms up..  That means I might not get another set shot until April!  I might throw together a few other oufits that I can shoot somewhere indoors until I can be back outdoors!  



Ok, so weather and other issues have been pushing my next set back farther and farther.  I've gone through like six characters to try and push through in outdoor spots but due to the heavy snow where I live all bets were off!  I come bearing good news though, I can say with 100% certainty that I'm shooting my next set THIS weekend! :D  I am beyond excited and have some great ideas lined up for it!  I've been boucing around all week in excitement for this.  Hopefully it will be accepted soon and debuted too!  

So, for my next set which I was going to shoot in an awesome pool...it got delayed.  Due to it being outside and the temps dropping to around 30-40 degrees on a good day.  Instead, I finished up my next cosplay and I'm going to shoot that one first.  It's a character that I have a few different versions of because I love her sooo much.  She's a little bit crazy and likes to cause mischief.  I would assume her favorite colors are red and black.  She also is in love with a psychopath, but he's quite the joker if you get what I mean ;)  I'm hoping to have the set submitted by the middle of November! ahhhh!