Oh man!  I haven't been to Youmacon in two years after going for 5 years straight and I miss it so much!  But I will so be there this weekend and I cannot wait.  I'll be rocking a Cosplay Deviants lanyard and the following costumes!  If you see me, come say hi :D  

Life has been crazy!  I did two conventions in two months with 8 costumes between them O_O  It was a blast!  I finally debuted my Devil Mercy and it was impossible to walk, or bend over or eat or....basically I stood in one place :P  Upcoming events!  In June, I get to be a princess for a birthday party so that's fun!  BUT beginning of July, I'm shooting with the ever amazing SSD AND Bliss Junky is coming to stay too!  Shoot fest!!!  I totally cannot wait.  I have about 6 new costumes I'm shooting and Bliss and I are finally going to bust out our Baroness vs Scarlet duo!

Here's a sample from a set we shot almost THREE years ago now!

I cannot thank you all enough for the love that the multi set got recently!  All of the ladies involved are super awesome!  SSD shot for almost 12 hours in the hot Texas sun and we trudged through it all.  It made some awesome friendship and better stories :P  Here's a bts shot from the fun.  (I was so sunburned T_T)

Hey all!  I'm so happy that my newest duo has gotten so much love!  For all the fans that have supported the Eeveelutions group from the beginning, you're the best!  

Want to see a new project I recently acquired!?  Check it out ;)

I'm still alive!  My whole life flipped upside down this summer and I'm finally getting back up on my feet!  ;)  Don't worry!  I have a few sets in queue and plans to shoot more!  I am super excited to be the June model for the 2018 calendar as Baroness!  She's always so fun to wear!  Here's a sneak peek at a shot that I really loved that didn't make it but is still one of my faves <3


First Duo!

OMG.  My first duo got accepted and I can't wait to see it!   Here's a cropped preview of one of my favorite shots.  You can guess who it's with ;)

If you guys missed the ALA party then you missed a whole lot of Overwatch booty!  Here's a behind the scenes look ;)

Mercy is me!  Andromeda is D.Va, Raen is McCree, Underscore is Widowmaker, and Shodan is Reaper!  It was so much fun hanging with this group <3

Last year was super crazy for me for conventions and I ended up attending SIX conventions across the nation!  I was on East coast and west coast xD  I'm prepping for Anime Los Angeles at the end of this month and I can't wait!  I have some exciting shoot fests I'll be attending too!  2017 is shaping up to be filled with adventures :)  Here is a throw back from SDCC last July!  My Baroness costume is on its last legs and I'm saving it for one last duo (With the lovely Bliss Junky!).

So I drove 11 hours all by my lonesome to see some good friends in Texas and while I was there, I shot a Christmas set with the adorable Mewes!  We lived streamed some of it on Facebook if you didn't catch it, but we just submitted it today!  I'm so excited!

Dragoncon was amazing and I'm so glad I got to meet so many of you!  Also, we got to debut a few prints from the Eeveelutions project and it just made my day!  If you missed them, here they are!  I managed to grab the edited nude one and a full clothed print before they disappeared on Friday!  We had five of our girls there!  (Anastasia August, Miss Selene, Rykku, Gemini, and Sushii!)