First Duo!

OMG.  My first duo got accepted and I can't wait to see it!   Here's a cropped preview of one of my favorite shots.  You can guess who it's with ;)

If you guys missed the ALA party then you missed a whole lot of Overwatch booty!  Here's a behind the scenes look ;)

Mercy is me!  Andromeda is D.Va, Raen is McCree, Underscore is Widowmaker, and Shodan is Reaper!  It was so much fun hanging with this group <3

Last year was super crazy for me for conventions and I ended up attending SIX conventions across the nation!  I was on East coast and west coast xD  I'm prepping for Anime Los Angeles at the end of this month and I can't wait!  I have some exciting shoot fests I'll be attending too!  2017 is shaping up to be filled with adventures :)  Here is a throw back from SDCC last July!  My Baroness costume is on its last legs and I'm saving it for one last duo (With the lovely Bliss Junky!).

So I drove 11 hours all by my lonesome to see some good friends in Texas and while I was there, I shot a Christmas set with the adorable Mewes!  We lived streamed some of it on Facebook if you didn't catch it, but we just submitted it today!  I'm so excited!

Dragoncon was amazing and I'm so glad I got to meet so many of you!  Also, we got to debut a few prints from the Eeveelutions project and it just made my day!  If you missed them, here they are!  I managed to grab the edited nude one and a full clothed print before they disappeared on Friday!  We had five of our girls there!  (Anastasia August, Miss Selene, Rykku, Gemini, and Sushii!)


Booty!  Who can't like that? :p  Not only did I have a blast with Eeveelutions, but I'll be heading to Denver Comic Con THIS weekend to see Ivy and Ladybug!!  I can't wait to stream some more behind the scenes shooting and of course tons of pictures!  If you are around, come say hi :)

Ahhhh this weekend was a magical, fantastical time!  I got to see one of my favorite bands and my best friend who is thinking about applying here too!  Score ;)  Also, I shot two sets while I was up there with a great photographer named Kill Everything.  He took some behind the scenes and this is what I got out of it:  (Oh Em Gee, so excited!)

That's right!  I'm going to Denver this weekend to shoot FOUR potential sets for Deviants!  All in the same day. Here's some teasers from what's upcoming!

French Maid Nidalee, Misa Amane, Kairi, and Cho Chang!  I shot a duo with the lovely potential Selene that's being editing! Ahhhh!


I would definitely consider myself a Sith over a Jedi but shhh that's my secret ;)  So here's some Slave Leia!  This is from like....3 years ago?  It was 100 degrees and it was miserable inside that old train car lol.  But totally worth it!


So, I totally love Steins;Gate and have basically found my personality in an anime character.  Makise almost instantly became my favorite character and so I just HAD to cosplay her!  I shot a set for Deviants trying to find that perfect apartment feel from the anime and it just makes the set a little too boring for her tastes, so I'll be reshooting her in a better  location that fits her fiery personality better ;)  But!  Teasers!  Duh :p  Enjoy!