Hey Ya'll!!

Have you missed me? Don't lie now. How are you liking the new site? I'm LOVING it. So classy but with boobs! My favorite kind of classy >:3

Anyway, I thought I give you a heads up on what is going to be happening in the next two weeks.

You ready? Get your helmets on.

I'll be shooting a Daphne's scene [solo, a dup with Envy is still in the works -fingers crossed-]

A rainbow Dash shoot, [you ready to get some tomboy lovin on?]

and the one you guys have been waiting for..

you ready?



Did you just squeal? Cuz I did! Finally!!! After such a long wait I'll be getting my Yoko set done! I hope you guys are bouncing cuz I'll be running like hell just broke loose to the beach to get the sand, the sun and my flaming boobs on film for you!! Lets keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds, I really dont want to have to be force to do a new location XD

Anyway, thats it for now. Keep safe!

-blows kisses-