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I don't know how to flip pics here. So I'm going to just picture you all tilting your head to see.

I love the image.

What better way to make a comeback then to return the same way I left. ON APRIL FOOLS!!!! Did ya’ll enjoy the set? I’m actually finishing up the next set I was planning on doing for my return but when I got the call asking if I would be interested in doing another April Fools set, I COULDNT say no to it! XD

For some titties FA LA LA LA LA


Hey Ya'll!!

I am running around my house squealing because Monday is coming! Why is Monday imporant? It's cuz I will be shooting my sets!!

Daphne's shower [omg ya'll will finially see me in a shower]

Rainbow Dash dress up [WTF is this girlie shit?]

and YOKO. [Laying in the sun, shivering in the cold water!]

I'll try to put up my progress of the photo shoots, give ya some sneek peeks and teasers! I can't wait! It's gonna be so AWESOME!

Hey Ya'll!!

Have you missed me? Don't lie now. How are you liking the new site? I'm LOVING it. So classy but with boobs! My favorite kind of classy >:3

Anyway, I thought I give you a heads up on what is going to be happening in the next two weeks.

You ready? Get your helmets on.

I'll be shooting a Daphne's scene [solo, a dup with Envy is still in the works -fingers crossed-]

A rainbow Dash shoot, [you ready to get some tomboy lovin on?]

and the one you guys have been waiting for..

you ready?