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Shooting sets/ bounty hunter Yoko video this weekend. Everything else will be a suprise! for updates 

Done shooting another AOT set, here is a collage of the place we used. Excited! Asuna (SAO) and Naru (Love Hina) will be shot soon before I move. For updates:

-Foxy<3 <3 <3

Going to an awesome location tomorrow to shoot more Attack On Titan!

After that I will be doing an old school anime character, and another version of Asuna before I move. 

For Shooting Shenanigans and updates like my page here:

Hope you guys dont get tired of Asuna any time soon. xD

Hope to get some behind the scene pics and derps to post up on here as well.



I just noticed that my Asuna set is now in the preview box yay! A lot of extra effort went into this so I hope you all like it. A big thanks to everyone that wished me a happy 21st birthday a couple days ago.

For more updates on future sets, set pictures and things please checkout my fb page here ^.^


Asuna Set :3

So I was messing around with my profile on here and saw a little sneak peak of my Asuna set. ;) Its safe to say, Asuna will be showing up on cosplay deviants soon.

Facebook link:

Also a selfie that was taken before shooting this particular set for you all. :3 <3 My bday is also tomorrow so I am pumped!

Hey guys, just letting you all know I will FINALLY be shooting my attack on titan set as Petra with full 3d gear tommorow morning!

Super stoked, and have a great location with big tree's and rock crevices picked out for it. Possibly some video as well if time permits.

Things kept coming up making this solo set get pushed back but it will be sent in soon after we get it shot.

Then onto a duo AOT set with another fellow deviant. 


Here's some shots of my Petra cosplay  and gear below for you all. 

Will be posting some behind the scenes photos on my FB later and maybe some on here too. 

Which you can follow here --->

thanks for reading <3

Its Christmas Eve, Eve and I'm super excited!

Some people have been asking, and I've never listed it on here  before, so If anyone was wanting to get me something for christmas here is my amazon wishlist link.

Make sure to let me know if you get something and I can send you a card and a print as a thank you.

Also, merry Christmas/ Happy hoilidays everyone!

I hope you have a good new years as well. 


Much Love, Foxy


Hey guys! I've been negletant and it's been awhile since I updated this thing so I thought I would give a brief preview of whats to come from me on here and stuff that has already been shot/submitted!


Current sets I have shot and waiting to go live are Season 1 Asuna ( SAO) at old ruins, Season 2 Asuna ( SAO Alfheim) at a waterfall, Kagome (Inuyasha) at a japanese teahouse, and Black Knight Uniform C2 ( Code Geass) in an abandoned warehouse.

At the end of this month I will be shooting an Attack on Titan set and Video for the site as well as a duo set!

Also hopefully a Christmas Horo set ( Spice and Wolf) for the Holidays  on here.

In all of these sets we managed to get some kick ass locations and props for them so I am beyond excited to see them go live!

I hope you all get enjoyment out of them too, I had so much fun with shooting them. ;3

Till Next Time,...

My face is in the preview~~~!!! * squees* I haven't had a new set go live on here in over a year, so this is a bit of a big deal to me! ;w; I hope you guys like this set, there was a lot of slaving away in the Sun with my Huge ass Rife, and I was quite adventurous with the location... I can't wait for it to to go up! When it does make sure to rate it 5 stars for me :3 There will also be a video going up that goes a long with the set at some point after this so be on the lookout for that too! ^^ ~Till Next time . -Foxy ^._.^