Back from momocon, here are con pics! Derped around with Usatame as Ryuko and me as Satsuki ;)


Also SAO on friday. :D

Me and a fellow deviant will be doing a thing very soon and here is a sneak peak . ;)


I'm glad that my Asuna set has been so well recieved on here! Thank you everyone. :3

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Who all will I see at Momocon next weekend? Super excited, this is what I will be wearing there!


More Asuna stuff sent in for cosdev! Here's a preview. For more updates:

Another set teaser I never posted about till now, its been accepted so stay tuned.


So excited for this set to go live! Its one of my favorites, can't wait. 


There is a new long awaited surprise set of mine in the que this week so hope you guys enjoy it!

Also please check out my page:

Sneak peak of what may be a outfit for a set and something else on the site. ;) 

for updates:

Recently sent in a spring themed set and here's a preview!

for updates: