New youtube video is up!! Spent almost all night last night editing this @.@

Check out some full length behind the scenes of me and Usatame shooting as Hinata and Mamimi for Cosplaydeviants with Michelle Massol <3

Also please check out my youtube and give it a sub! Would be much appreciated. :3

Hey again everyone! Just popping in to say thank you for the support on me and Mira's new duo KiritoxAsuna duo set. :)

I really love cosplaying Asuna.. so I was happy to feature her traditional outfit in another set on the site. I also have some duo content coming up as blue haired undine Asuna, so stay tuned for that! I'm hoping to eventually shoot a solo of that outfit as well.. One day. <3

Also my birthday is very soon! It's March 21st to be exact~
Some of you have been asking if I have a wishlist for my birthday .... I do!

and I also have a P.O box : 

Foxy Cosplay P.O Box 501416 Atlanta, GA 31150

Looking forward to showing you guys what I have in store for you in the future! 

I recently shot a Hermione Granger solo for the site so that's the newest project. :)

Till next time~



Hey guys! I'm way too quiet on here most of the time so I figured I'd share a vlog with you all that I just uploaded to my youtube.

It was taken at last years Anime Expo when we both went with cosplay deviants and worked the booth. Check it out! There is also a couple other AX vlogs at the cosdev booth as well from that weekend on my channel. I'm super excited to be going back this year with Usatame and hope to film even more adventures while we are at AX! :)

xoxo <3


All I can say is... WOW thank you so much everyone for all the amazing encouragement on my newest set release as Quiet!

This set was quite the ordeal shooting. Me and my photographer thought long and hard on how to create an "atmosphere" as well as give a realistic looking rain effect in the photos. While shooting the set we ended up battling real heavy downpours a couple times right after setting up our "fake" rain. lol It was almost as if mother nature wanted to spite us for making a mockery of her. In the end, and many hours later after running in and out of cover with our camera/lighting equipment the set was shot! It ended up being well worth it and I'm thrilled that all of you are finally able to see it. I'll be getting to any comments I missed shortly and once again thank you SO much for all the overwhelming support!



Hey all! Hope everyone had an amazing Xmas!

I'm also pleased to announce that in about a week I will have a new set up on thesite! ee! Stay tuned for that.

I also realized that I totally forgot to mention on here that I've opened up a P.O box! Ever wanted to send me a personal card/letter or care package for the holidays/new year? Now's the time! I will be making a belated holiday mail video with everyone's stuff as well. I won't be starting on the video till like the second week of January so there is still time to send a little something if you want! <3

My P.O box:

Foxy Cosplay 
P.O Box 501416 
Atlanta, GA 31150

Happy holidays and new year everyone and cheers to an awesome 2017!



Hey guys! Long time no blog... Thanks so much for all the lovely support and comments on my new Lulu from Yurikuma set!

There will be a duo following after it so I hope you guys enjoyed it. <3

Also last but not least HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Oh my goodness it's snuck up on us sooo fast this year. :0

I wanted to let you all know, that I have made and Xmas wishlist for the holidays as well. <3


As always thank you so much for your amazing support and I hope you all have a wonderful December! :3



Hey all! I'm glad everyone loved my Junko Enoshima set and I'm happy to announce my xmas set was also accepted for the site this month! <3

So you can expect to see it in rhe preview box later in the month, hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season!!

Also.. since I've been getting some questions about it here is my xmas wishlist for the holidays:


<3 <3




New Set!!!

As you can see by my new profile pic, there will be a new set of mine debuting on the site very soon!

I'ts definitily my silliest set yet and I had SO much fun with all the posing while shooting it back in the begining of February. <3

So excited to finally see it go live!! Also will it possibly lead to more content with a certain scissor wielding tempermental badass best friend? ;) Maybe! stay tuned... :D

Oh and as always since I'm so bad at frequent jornals on here D: for more content updates more often check out my FB page here :

My birthday is coming up this saturday and I currently have no plans.. yet! >.<;

Unless one of my friends decides to randomly show up and whisk me away I will probably be at home relaxing. 

Though if something comes up I will blog about it on here. xD

Its pretty crazy how time just flies by....

I have hopefully some new stuff in queue for you all soon too! Including a Mako from kill la kill..solo set and duo set with Usatame as Ryuko. :) Also a Vulpix set,Junko set, School girl Asuna, Chii, Blair, and a Meg set from burstangel. 

Last but not least, if you wanted to gift me a little something for my birthday, here is my amazon wishlist: <3

A lot of these things are to help make my new appartment after my move next month more friendly and livable!

Until next time, xoxo -Foxy ^_^

Hey again guys! <3 <3 <3

Just going to do a quick update on a couple things . c:

I will be moving in April! Though I am still staying in the Atlanta area.

My birthday is fast approaching and is in less than a month! :)

I have had a few people asking me about it so I made a little bday list here if anyone wished to gift me anything at all : if you do get anything make sure to let me know ( if you want).

Most of these things are to help me with my move coming in April to make a healthier  and nicer area and living enviroment. Also just some little past times I enjoy. ~ 

( I plan to make every inch of my new place photographable so I can do all the things there!!)

I will be posting all the things up on my fb page with a thank you too so check that out if you haven't yet for some more frequent stuff and updates on everything. <3&n...