I submitted my Euphemia set a few weeks ago and just submitted my Tenth Doctor genderbend tonight. Excited! My Miyu set is in the editing process and will hopefully be submitted in the next few days ^.^




Guys guys!I'm going to be a special guest at a steampunk con in seattle this September :D Probably won't be cosplaying seeing as it's not a typical convention, however I will be decked out in beautiful steampunkery! If you're in that area and are interested in attending, it's called Steamposium. I'll be at a booth with several other gorgeous ladies and we'll also have a panel and other fun things ^.^

SO due to difficulties finding a job to replace my previous one, I am having trouble affording pieces for the cosplays I really wanted to get done soon. On top of that, I'm probably going to have to opt out of going to Otakon this year because I'm trying to go to D*Con, NYCC, and I'll be a special guest for a small con on the west coast as well.. which means I'll already be taking a lot of time off and spending too much on accomodations/food/badges

If anyone would like to help out with cosplays or costs for conventions.. I have a cosplay wishlist - I'd prefer any supplies for my Jinx cosplay as that's my priority costume-wise (I put in the descriptions of the items what costume they are for), or if you'd just like to send donations via paypal, the email is FateModel@gmail.com

Cosplay wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/1X6F40YZFUFLQ

Any help, big or small, is really appreciated. Any costume supplies will also go towards being used in a set for the site, as well, so y...

Sorry I've been so quiet, everyone! I had a job for a few months that completely ate up my life and I had no time for anything. There are three sets that were shot quite some time ago currently in the editing process and I REALLY hope to have them submitted by no later than mid-July.

I haven't really been able to finish any new costumes outside of those already shot due to lack of time and money. Hopefully that'll change soon! I really want to have Jinx and Midna done in time for NYCC in October, and possibly a few other simpler outfits. It will all depend on time and funds (any wishlist donations are also awesome, and they will go towards costumes that will be shot for the site!)

I'll try to be more active again on here <3




My next set goes live on the 21st! Look at my profile pic for a preview :D FINALLY got around to shooting this set after waiting for quite some time. Really happy with how it turned out.

Also, if any of you guys feel like helping out with two of the other costumes I'm currently working on, you can find my cosplay wishlist here:

Anything for Jinx or my rule 63 Tenth Doctor would be really awesomely helpful! <3

xoxo Fate


Oh, who's that in the preview box?? ;D Yay!

Been waiting for my Hermione set to come out for a while, it was shot the same day my Raven set was. Hope you guys will enjoy ^.^

So I'm not sure if I'm the only one who can see it or not... but there seems to be a preview image for my next set going up when I look at my profile. It appears to be due on the 27th of this month, so yay!! :D Looking forward to that and I hope you all enjoy (excuse me, however, if I am wrong about the date XD)

Yay more boobs!

Got Jinx approved but having to wait to work on more of the costume due to not being able to afford the rest of the stuff right now :(

Normally I wouldn't ask, but if you happen to want to help me bring this costume to life sooner so that you can see me nekkid in it, I have a cosplay specific wishlist on my profile. Right now the things I need most are the resin, monster clay, dremel/hot knife/sautering iron tools, and combat boots. I haven't added the supplies for my weapons to the wishlist yet, but probably will be soon. If you need the address where I have things sent to for items that aren't from Amazon (amazon can fill in my mailing address for things they sell), email me fatemodel@gmail.com

Really hoping to get more work on Midna done soon and get back to doing Jinx asap.

Get Jinxed!

SO I'm just waiting on a little bit of approval, and then my new favorite cosplay with be in the works... hints: blue hair, fishbones, pow pow, you get the drift? SO EXCITED, been doing so much planning ;D


Only two weeks left until New York Comic Con and I still have SO much left to finish!

I've made a fair amount of progress on Midna (making the cloak is basically what I've been saving for last, it's HUGE) and have pretty much finished retouching bits of Mad Moxxi. Psylocke doesn't have that much left, either, just some hemming here and there and making her sword look better. I can't decide if I'm going to take Euphemia or Raven with me... maybe both, if I can find a way to fit Euphie's ballgown into my luggage.

Perhaps I'll run into some of you there :D