DrClosetCosplay's Blog

Hey, everyone! 

If you haven't heard yet, Cosplay Deviants is currently holding a Kickstarter for a potential book and dvd combo, set in the beautiful city of Tokyo! 

The Tokyo Tour team currently consists of myself, Foxy, Usatame, Andromeda Neko, and Underscore! We'll be flying to Tokyo to put together an amazing erotic cosplay book and dvd with sexy striptease videos, teasing photos of your favorite characters, and goofy behind the scenes as we travel the streets and spend too much money on obscure fandom merch! 

I currently have plans to bring Esdeath (she's in the preview box right now! :D), Tsuyu, and Ichigo (Darling in the Franxx) on the tour, and I'm nowhere near completing that list yet! 

Make sure to back! Don't wait til the last minute, cause you might forget and miss your chance to grab our first ever book and DVD set, PLUS all the extra goodies like exclusive selfie sets, signed instax, handpicked souvenir gifts from your favorite girls, and more! Join today!

Yeet! Love ya'll, and I hope to see you all among the names of backers for this once in a lifetime opportunity!