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Hello, Pacific Northwest!

I have finally done my move with my little kitties and now just have to wait for my furniture to arrive! But I can't wait that long to adventure! Anyone have things to do/places to see/cool areas to explore that they can recommend to me in the Portland area?

I would love some cool nature areas to hike around, and places to eat at (donuts, I love donuts (I still need to try Voodoo Donuts, ssh)).

Let me know! 

Hopefully I'll be able to start working on/shooting new content for Deviants now that I have moved/am in a more stable place. I'm still taking recommendations in the forums, so feel free to hit me up under the topic "set suggestions". I'd love to see who ya'll think I'll look good as! 

Anyways, hopefully I'll remember to post more regularly (I'm terrible with time/remembering things), so yeah!

Talk to you all again soon!

-Doc (*=^3^=)* <3