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I had this thought recently, my first waifu was Nami from Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.  I replayed the game so many times just so I could do her story again.  I sometimes say she was my first crush even! Haha I can't wait to graduate in May! I'm really excited to work more on my more waifu-y cosplays and models! :D

Heyo it's Dethraux here!

Hyped because my life schedule is opened up and I'm FREEEEEEEEEE to work on more cosplay stuff :D  I know I haven't been active but the good news is.... I got all As last semester!! 8D  BUT since that's no longer a huge horrible distraction I can focus again on sewing and stuff!  Currently simultaneously working on 5 cosplays for scheduled shoots and 4 cosplays for Fanime that will eventually be photographed! Look forward to my first experience with EVA foam ;)

My last set was Curious Dip and I'm sure you're all curious about what my next dip into the cosplay world will all be about..... well! You stay tuned and I'll stay active! ♥♥♥