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Gencon 2017



Think you so much to everyone I met at Gencon!! All of you girls were so nice and super gorgeous in and out!! I got to debut this new display of mine that I'll be wearing to AWA as well as submitting a few sets of to Display Deviants~ 

The first day I was a little drained from my very first plane ride which was so fun and terrifying all at once!! I cosplayed Evangelion and then just drank and played some board games with my twin Andromeda! So many people thought I was her and she was me, it is hilarious and never gets old~~ 


The second day I was in high school stocking and got to visit the booth for autographs and everyone made me feel so at home, it was so much fun! I cannot wait to do it again soon!! Then I got to sneak into the 'Dub that hentai' as one of the girls and lemme tell you, that show was hilarious and if you've never been, you have GOT...


So sorry i havent been active in a while, i have been in between jobs and overall wrestling with adulting!! But luckily, i will be at Gencon and hope to see a ton of you wonderful people super soon!! I may post on my IG updates on where ill be if anyone wants to say hello! :)

I have been to a good few cons, but now that I am getting back into cosplaying, which ones were most worth it for you? :0