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I just got back from Kumoricon and had so much fun wearing some new outfits, I was finally able to debut Yumeko Jabami, and got to wear Rei Ayanami, as well as Will Graham! The next convention I am aiming for is FandomPDX and Sakuracon!

I also redid my twitter, if you want to see more of my cosplay stuff (and more of my nsfw stuff), make sure to check it out HERE!


Hello everyone! I had such a blast doing this potential set for you guys <3 

Pyramid Head has been my ultimate dream cosplay since I discovered him in 2011. I knew nothing of cosplay at that time and knew he would be way too difficult for me to be able to pull off with the little knowledge of the hobby at the time, and put him in my cosplay goal list. Silent Hill is such a large part of my life (I have 5 Silent Hill Cosplays now, and my walls are covered in Silent Hill merchandise). I have met so many absolutely incredible and amazing friends through Silent Hill, and couldn't be happier to finally achieve my goal of cosplaying Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 with the help of said friends.

I had an absolute blast at Sakuracon this year! I got to see so many of my old friends, and met so many new ones, including a few deviants, such as Xiphos! :D It was cold, but, it was worth it to debut 2 brand new cosplays! Xiphos kept my hands warm during my shoots thankfully <3 I cannot wait to do a Wedding Super Sonico shoot for you all here! I absolutely loved the cosplay and the small details, and hope you all like it as well!


First Set


Hello everyone! I just shot my first Cosplay Deviants set last weekend, I'm super excited to be joining the other deviants here!