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I've been trying to set up new shoots with mixed luck. Some photographers seem interested but then setting actual dates has been difficult. I'd attempt a self shot set (since I do those anyway) but.... my equipment consistes of a point and shoot, a sony handy cam or my cell which neither of those can produce high enough quality images on their own. I think I'll have to go outside of the ppl I already know and put up an actual casting to get something done and hope for the best *fingers crossed*

I want to remain as active as I possibly can.

The other issue is my shitty sewing skills. I'm not confident in making anything "nice"... though the only way to get better is to practice. I have a machine and I may have some hand sewing materials laying around. Since I'm taking the day off from camming I'm going to look around and see if I have enough to practice on some small items and make little projects  here and there when I can (...

Finally making and sticking to a half way regular camming schedule. Planning some more holiday shoots as well. There's a few things that have been shot but not submitted yet (I think) I'll have to ask the photographer about that sometime soon (she's a pretty rad lady). I also have an apollo creed costume in the works. I know that's a bit random but I kinda like dressing as characters that most people wont touch or have forgotten about. There's a billion chun-li's but ya never see apollo out there! I think my fro is just about right to pull it off too! Really hoping it will be done by next years anime expo :)


Most of all I hope you're having a happy and safe christmas. I know that for some this time of year isn't the greatest. The whole holiday cheer and probably the way that they sell certain holiday's to people can get folks down if it doesn't fit that narrative. I've spent a few christmas holiday's w/out fa...

It was a mixed bag of something or another. I got to shoot my look for gogo dancing at a tim burton themed event but so much happened during the day that I was unable to attend. Mostly being thrown out of a x-mas party probably because I looked a bit too strange and everyone else looked pretty upper class fancy. I'm not sure if I was super bothered by it initially but I'm sad that I missed a gig/a buddies party that I would've enjoyed/braved the rain in that tutu to not go to the thing that the look was intended for. Hopefully I'll get some great pics back and I'll at least have that to show for it!

Other than that I'm so happy that foxxy is now live on the site! She's pretty much my fave cosplay ever so I'm happy she's a part of such a great site though it does leave an interesting taste in my mouth.

I was tagged on my personal page in some "cosplay isn't consent" blog. Which is fine... it isn't consent. The ...

Forgive me for being way more candid than I have in the past. I've tried many gimmicks and things and I feel the most comfortable just being my old boring self. I'd like to share this experience since I think there's a belief that if we talk about things that aren't perfect, that this detracts or derails the good but I don't agree. I think all sides of the emotional spectrum should be looked at. If you ignore your darker emotions or experiences how can one analyze , learn from and grow.  Bad things are inevitable but how we handle these challenges is entirely up the the individual. I'm as wordy as ever... but I hope that this isn't too long for a generation of ADHD folks (srsly, cannot get behind vine... I wanna see a whole min of you doing something at least :P)


So I was walking the ...

So my plans to do a spiffy star wars cosplay last week were quelled. I'm not sure if that's the best or worst thing (it's been raining in LA for the past few days in random spurts) Plus admitedly I'm not a huge star wars fan as a ton of people seem to be so there's that. Also I haven't really done any non-black characters (aside from a few animal type characters or rave versions of things that really only work for rave settings) I always worry that there's a possibility of being a weird semi-racist meme saluting the black version of "X" character instead of just being a fan of that character enough to want to dress up as them. I know eventually I'll have to branch out but I still feel a bit anxious over this fact. I know many people dress as characters that they don't nessesarily look like/are impossible for any human to pull off... but I've seen so much crap that it does make me a bit cautious. I've dressed up at a few cons last...

sorry I've been a bit ghost as of late. Busy with life and all of it's wonderful hub-bub that I'm sure you don't want to hear about! Great news though! Got the confirmation email that foxxy was accepted as a holiday set! The craziest thing about this is I've shot her so many times trying to get her on the site and it's finally happening! 15 billionth times the charm right?! :)

I'm just so excited and happy for this moment! I hope that you all enjoy the set!

I should have something special cooked up for a v day submission as well but we shall see how things play out when it gets a bit closer.

Happy holiday's to all! Many well wishes and love!

Hi everyone!

So I think my first set will be going live pretty soon so I'm trying to familiarize myself with the site. It's a process... cause ya know us old folks have a hard time with technology (I know I'm not that old... lol) but yeah the interface is pretty forgiving so far so hooray for this! I did meet one other person far less technologically capable who couldn't figure out face book for a while so I feel slightly better knowing that there are those who have a harder time... Maybe I don't give myself enough credit :)


Anyway I'm excited to finally become official. I went through trying to shoot with so many different folks to get to this point without much to show for it so I'm glad that it's been worth the effort. I may have found someone to shoot me on a more regular basis but we shall see.

Most of all I'm looking forward to going to more things and meeting more folks and at least peeling back a layer of my ambiver...