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Normally I'd start off with what things were going on this week and what happened in the last though the only thing on my mind is my grandmother's death. It's been 4 days or so and I dunno... I guess I'm just trying to get through and not give up on things as I have in the past when dealing with anything remotely difficult. I quit school because of a boy. I quit hobbies because of drama with people. I quit jobs because I was sexually harrassed or had difficulties with... and on and on it goes.


She was my mom, dad, everything. Not that things have always been perfect but I can say that the things that I've seen her fight through, the lives she touched and the things she did for me when she didn't have to have made me a more empathetic person with a wealth of experiences to apply to life. Wisdom has taken a while to come to fruition as well as a tempered temperment. 


All of the loss I've experienced...

This weekend was amazing! I got to see Green velvet, San Holo and model  with gallery girls all in one weekend. I met a lot of really cool people and shared a few laughs and smiles with all the great dancers who were out this weekend. Thanks you guys for the good times, good conversation and gum :D


This weekend is a bit less bloated with daytime work and gigs but Exchange LA is always full of awesome options for dancing. Like last week I'll make another vlog on my youtube so you guys can check out a bit of the music from this weekend's events. You can email me for guest list/VIP service as well!


I'm going to start editing a few back logged sets starting today as well and work on shooting some new stuff for zivity in my tiny space. I guess this is where creati...

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in about things going on this week! Some spiffy parties that are going on, one charity event and an event I'm modeling at. I'm planning my weekend a bit better this time... I've got red bull in hand and I'm ready to get out and enjoy the night! I'm also back on streamate so be on the lookout for me (I should be online sometime tonight and possibly friday)


Last weeks Akasha shoot also went super well! There's a few pics up on my instagram if you'd like to check those out! Hopefully it will make it's way to Cosplay Deviants soon to make a home with it's photoset counter part!


I'm also planning on making  a vlog of the artists playing this weekend, dance around ...

Was a major success! I'm not entirely sure how I'm awake and typing at this hour unless I'm fully making my transition from mere mortal to supreme insomnia filled day walker. This is the crux of the self employed... to be awake while the city sleeps. It's a beautiful thing if you're in a metropolitan area yet enjoy quiet. You can walk the streets at these calm hours and see the most beautiful things though I usually wouldn't since the city can be equally terrifying under the wrong circumstances. 


At any rate I'm super excited that things went extremely well, I'm sore but I'll get some aleve in me and be right as all the rain in all the land. I haven't quite decided on cam attire for tomorrow or an exact time since gym won't be on the table for a few weeks until my finances are properly planned out but I can do some basic things at home for a while or take advantage of my bike/skates!



This weekend! #awakeningFridays ft. 

I'm also working on shooting an Akasha video clip for the site this Thursday which should be a riot!! I haven't been on a ton to check out all the nice compliments everyone has given to the set but I have gotten all the notifications of favorites and such. I will go ahead and check those out now (since I always have the oddest insomnia going on.) 

For those of you out and about in LA this weekend I'll also be modeling Akasha at a ...

Sadly I left early because the people I was with made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I'm not the best at pretending that things are ok or that I like people once they've done something I consider to be disrespectful or down talking but I did get to practice a little with my personal cam which was fun and took a few pics and very little video of the event. I'll have to see what I can pull together from the footage I have :)

I was planning on going to LA cosplay con this weekend but I think after the week I've had and barring some personal matters with family health that I may need to take it easy or do something outside of what I normally do. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts with most of the people I know and I realize that I can't meet different kind of people if I only stick to the same kinds of events expecting to meet different people who can help with other interests.

I'm also applying to the anime expo fashion show *fingers...

Quick post

I'd written all this clever razzle dazzle over my phone and then tried to upload a photo and it deleted so... I'll gove the quick version this time.


shot Akasha today but didn't have a ton of time to shoot Luke Cage and some video of Uhura as planned. 

I'm still searching around for a place to shoot Apollo Creed since the wilderness wouldn't fit and finding a gym that would let me shoot could take some time. I'll keep on keeping on though. Once I have that in place then I can grab a pair of boots for it and be all snazzy 😊


if if you'd like to check out some of the pics from today's Akasha shoot feel free to check them out on Instagram @britneysiren 

hopefully you'll get a kick out of those and a full set will be soon as well as some future calendar pics of they're loved and stuff. 

I wish you all a safe and happy weekend and if you're in t...

So the photographer that normally shoots my stuff here/lends her amazing hands in making things for me since I'm sewing challanged is going to be working on Akasha with me today! I'm really excited to see how things turn out/wondering if I'll be daring enough to wear it outside of the house. I don't mind ya know being in various stages of undress. I get worried about others reactions or attacks to said stages of undress. I know I shouldn't worry about it too much but I guess I'd only feel super safe if someone was with me. I tend to dress more conservative when I'm alone since I don't enjoy being bothered. Not in a I don't wanna talk to anyone way as I love talking to people but I'm somewhere inbetween introvert and extrovert so... certain kinds of attention can be draining for me.

If she's ok with it I might periscope our hang out... I'll ask since I'm super new to it!

Another really cool thing is Cosplay devia...

I should be shooting marvin this thursday! Whether it will be accepted or not is anybody's guess but I have my fingers crossed. Still getting my stuff together for apollo (mostly the boots, not sure the red platforms I have will work out too well but we'll see)

Anywho happy tuesday... since I can't submit tiana as a set... I figured I could share some stuff on the blog (which hopefully will be ok to do) 

I wish you good health, a long life and happiness



with a week full of mishaps and stolen card info some great news... my creed costume is here (and put together far better than I could do myself.) I still need to get some boxing gloves and something to cover my boobs up but... I'm so hype for this! I've loved this character for a long time so it brings me great joy to have such a nice costume in my possession. hopefully my fro will be as awesome and perfect as his some time (maybe my abs too... cause I been eating the pasta hard and it's not good for trying to have good abs)

I'm not entirely sure if he's ok for this site or if the photographer I normally use would like to shoot him but I'll ask once I get all the stuff together...

Mostly I'm happy that I have this to walk around in at random conventions and hopefully have really silly conversations about rocky with people in the not so distant future :)