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I've been way open to anime lately. I'm not exactly sure what closed me off to it. I remember watching anime as a child and early  adult hood then I sorta fell off. Perhaps it was just a bad break up which can turn someone off to many things when you're young and you just don't wanna deal. Or a bad experience with someone being a jerk about things. I did have some random dude do the whole "ZOMG you REALLY liek gayms asogowijaowehgoiwehgoh " thing to me once and I was like uh...... bruh... naw I just hang out with nerds for cock... O B V I O U S L Y ><


But yeah I've been watching food wars lately... it always makes me extremely hungry and I'm entertained. I think part of me wishes I could cook orgasmic food items that ppl will travel miles away for or at least to be able to cook for friends and loved once and make them happy since I remember how much I enjoyed hearty meals when I was younger from my grams. It'...

I had a great time, I wandered about and it was the first time I was really comfortable in cosplay for the full day. No one was awkward with me... everyone was really nice. Boobs mostly stayed in costume (save trying to freestyle on DDR in the second arcade and that momentary slip which no one noticed lol)

I hope that I have a chance to attend another event in the soon time and hang out with you guys more. Next time I know to leave REALLY REALLY early so that I get to the booth on time because LA traffic is the pits.

Some future things in planning.....

An Arthur and Tick set is in the works. I just got my zentai suit (cause ya know I relate to arthur and love him and I'm a bit of a dweebus so it's fitting hehe) Hopefully that will come together nicely. If only I could find a batmanuel... I really love him. (for some reason this reminds me of hatoful boyfriend and the bird that's always saying cheesy lines. I should play more of that today as...

"Shhh! Let it happen..." #Spiderverse shoot w. @risingsiren & @melodie_gore. #shibari #ropeartist @kmackphoto. #sexycosplay #milesmorales #gwenstacy #ropeplay #ropebondage #spiderman @cosplaydeviants

I just wanted to do a quick update before heading back to bed so that I'm not as exhausted for my long modeling day tomorrow. I shot Dee from Rat Queens for the site and calendar though I'm still awaiting word on whether she'll end up in either of those *fingers crossed* cause it's a cool character and a great comic so if you haven't checked it out and you dig female protagonists with attitude and junk and beautiful art style you should give it a gander. I think there's three volumes out on amazon so it's not too hard to get a hold of it.



Not sure if Luke Cage ever got accepted or will go online at some point but I hope it does cause I really enjoyed shooting it and I think you guys will really dig the set if you e...

If you shoot with me, you may get reposted by porn blogs, if that offends you then don't shoot with me. I can't control where ppl post me / I understand if you have mainstream work or whatever hang ups about shit but be realistic about your issues and don't leave that shit up to me to sort out. I had one photographer get weird and push for implied shots which I'm like cool... but then DON"T COME TO ME AFTER WHINING ABOUT YOUR JEALOUS WIFE AND OH TITTIES SHE GOANAA BE MAD! 


Marry someone who accepts you and what you do or don't shoot those things or dont' shoot with me... simple. cause this shit is irritating having ppl come back to you after the fact... EVEN YEARS LATER like oh this, oh that...


I really don't care... probably something you should consider before shooting someone who does cam work or adult work in general. That they have a fan base there and you shitting all over the way that ...

Rat Race

In youth you chase what you can never have.

Someplace in between you pin or the past


Constantly searching a sea of if predetermined limits.

Wanting what we do not possess


Never seeing what we have right in front of us

Until there's nothing left



(On an unrelated note I'm very excited to be going to new con this weekend. I'm looking forward to meeting the lot of you and being silly together. I hope you all have some happy holiday celebrations... stay safe... be cool)


She folds and bends 

The shape hardly recognizable

She's expects the bend

Rages for the trends

She's insatiable 

She's behind the wheel


Don't let her know it

That'll blow it

Just keep bending

Bend until the face you see is no longer your own

She bends realities outside of yours

Outside of her own

Bending is never done


Of this bend we never speak 

Of it's secrets we never speak 

For secret only to a malleable few

in between the line for you 


For this is your first mistake

Who are you to forsake

The dreams of others 

Potential you'll see


I guess it's time to move along

You can only fold for so long 

The rinse is done 


The elena photos didn't get accepted which is a little bit of a bummer but life goes on! I'm working on shooting apollo for the site. Since I'm going back to modeling free lance full time again cause working retail sucks and I'm just not equipped with the gene to do that. I'm an introvert and I think all the issues of the end of the year. My grandmother's death, Working two jobs plus modeling while getting no time off, letting them know I'm sick and tired and getting no real sympathy or time scheduled off has left me drained and a bitter taste in my mouth in working this type of work. Even though freelance is unstable I would prefer to deal with the instability than deal with the mental and physical crap of regular work. I'll have to figure out how to manage finances in this way or work enough to cover everything some kind of way. I'm continuing to work on getting new equipment and I'd like to do something once or twice a month where I can ren...

For those who've been keeping up with me... I've put this off long enough. Even though I'm still fighting a wicked head cold I'm gonna make this happen today. Can't put it off any longer. It's crazy when you're younger and you're sick it's resting and sitting around watching cartoons while adult hood is still running around trying to get things done. I feel like I'm on the tail end of the cold so hopefully I can get through without any major issues *fingers crossed*

If I can get good enough signal I may stream part of the shoot... we shall see. I've been having some issues with trying to live stream from instagram so I may have to leave it to facebook or periscope until it starts working with my app... and hope my signal is decent enough for any of these services.

I'm also super excited to possibly have a streaming date on here as well! I'm looking forward to some live interaction! It's been a while since I&...

So I've laid my grams to rest... I've shared, I've cried... I've done all I can and now it's time to get back to normal. Thanks for all the condolences and the like. I have personal thoughts and feelings to sort through which I'll do in my own time offline.


So for this week's events feel free to check the following link! Prices do tend to go up at the door so it's best to either buy tickets online or hop on a guest list to save some dinero!


10/20: Bass Rush Featuring Figure and Protohype



10/21: Feed Me Family Reunion Tour


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