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It timed out and I was sad so here’s the jist it what I mentioned. Missed anime la but cosplay deviants is there so hopefully some of you are out there hanging with the ladies and having fun at the parties... I’m there in spirit.

want to attend more festivals and cons this year but we shall see how that goes. Hopefully I can link up with more ladies during anime expo ornsome major con to shoot some duos though I’d like to travel to a few and shoot as well. 


Got a duo coming out with mira soon I believe so be on the look out for that... ya know if ya want and stuffs 😊 ummmm just shot wedding storm sonhopefully that will be accepted but who knows. I’d like to submit video but I’m not sure if that will happen... but guess one can keep the hope and dream alive. Alright time to stop silly dallying and get to the gym.... love y’all!