Britney Siren's Blog

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated but I’m happy to see some of the love my latest storm set has already received. While typing on mobile is a bit of a mission I still wanted to say a big thank you for the love and support you guys have given. Christmas was yesterday and I was thinking about how much I’ve changed since starting here and how much I’ve grown through the ups and downs. Life is good. I want to try to take a bit more time out for self shooting as well as getting some new costume things done. While I have lots of parts of things some projects never seem to go anywhere which is a shame but I guess that’s the nature of the beast and I can at least do some things on my own. 

Ive been playing more games lately... some on twitch and others just on my own and I’m the arcade which has made me a happy gal. I got a new web cam for Christmas which will be helpful for streaming. I’m not sure how you guys are digging the live shows here but I’d like to pop on one of these days... perhaps before I hit up streamate and what not. 

I really want to do a shoot as a Gerudo Valley gal at some point but that may not happen for a bit. I haven’t been able to find a proper person to commission from. While I love to dress up and be a dork I’m pretty horrid at sewing, Seamstress things are not something I particularly enjoy so rather than force it I’d rather support someone who does enjoy it / have a costume that’s awesome and won’t fall apart should I breathe in too deep or wink at the wrong angle so if you know of anyone or if you do commissions yourself feel free to drop me a line. 

If you’re in the vegas area as a model or Photographer and want to collaborate on some stuffs let me know as well.

Lastly I’ll be working a few booths at the avn’s in January. While the prospect is a little terrifying I feel it’s a needed step to meet other models and fans and to reach another level. I know it’s a bit odd that an introvert would make most of her income cam modeling but to me I feel it’s perfect since it’s mainly text and less intimidating then like working in places where I have to leave the home or talk in person. It’s nice to be able to log off if I’m feeling really anxious or having a depressive episode which I’ve dealt with for much of my life. I feel I have a better handle on things than I have before but things are never perfect. Some will say they go to work with such issues suck it up but every normal job I’ve had hasn’t lasted because Even if I force myself to go and deal I can’t wipe the emotions off my face and it ultimately just goes south and becomes overwhelming in some capacity. Though I do wonder how much of that was me and how much was due to having relationships that drained me and walking on eggshells in them never really feeling safe... I wasn’t but now I don’t have those kinds of worries so perhaps it could be possible. Though tbh I have zero desire to work for anyone so maybe this is for the best. 


I believe I've many many of us are unsure of the path we’ve taken or should go down and maybe I’m just more open about that than most. 


That’s all I can muster for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there in con land at some point in the new year. Much love.... and thanks for reading.