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Well perhaps blogs fail to post from my mobile device for a reason. Today was supposed to be the day that I shot new Storm cosplay stuff T_T but that's not happening. Admittedly I'm not the most organized or best planner so things just happened too late to arrive on time but hopefully things will be done sometime in the not so distant future. I would like to focus more efforts on cosplay stuff though. The lack of seamstress skills does get in the way though. I do know of a few who I could call on for help but one is starting a family and another is home hunting and wedding planning so I'm not so sure how that will go. There's also the finding someone to shoot who will do it the right way as I could attempt to do it myself but my equipment and skill aren't on par with the standards of this site... but perhaps someday that won't be an issues *shrugs*

That said I'm setting aside some funds to commission some things after I fix some financial things. I'm not in the whole but I'm not as ahead as I would like since the tax things from 2014 came in. A fun reminder of the past I kinda wonder what will be the case for this year or the next. I still have to get ID/license in my current state and do all this fun adult stuff which I probably won't get done until late in November. I don't want to put it off too long though. I'm a bit of a procrastinator so... I'll make it work somehow.


Hoping to start my streams up again soon as well...

In dork tastic news though I've been playing a lot more dance games lately since there's not much I can do out here being away from my editing computer and all. I didn't bring any lights and I'm staying with others so that wouldn't be optimal anyway even though that's what I'd mentally planned for. I'm on disc 2 of ff8 (sweet) which I almost got through fully without using a single limit break which I feel semi proud for lol. I got a tomagochi pet the other day... it died after 3 days. Could be bonafide proof of my lack of parental skills. A group of kids liked a my hero academia theme I had going on with my outfit (one in a very adorable midoriya cosplay) and apparently I've got great calves so that was nice and an unusual compliment. I'm not super used to ppl randomly talking to me but it was semi less awkward than usual, kinda nice actually. Oh and I'm now the proud owner of a neo geo mini cabinet. Ok it's like a super tiny table top cabinet thing but I think it can technically count as my first machine :P Oh to collect some day... I'll keep the dream alive.

Still planning some fun selfie shoot things to keep my mind crispy and my soul beefy....

I guess I'll keep ya posted on when I'll have another thing or too to add but oh I believe some Star Trek type thangs should be coming your way sometime in the future... maybe... who knows but I hope it does as it was a fun shoot with Mira and I love doing trek related things all day every day. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great and spooky Halloween!


Britney Siren