Britney Siren's Blog

well my first one was a hit and success. I played a lot of dance games, entered a lot of tournaments and met some cool folks. It was also really rad getting to see the cfw in its home. I got to see it initially at super magfest but it was no where near this huge or alive as it was there. It was a nice little vacation before starting up the work again.


I want to try to make one of the big group shoots if I can later in summer but everything is riding on how well things go with cash flow. I still have a few versions of storm to do for the site, minot from street fighter, possibly mystique... some pieces of michonne about the apartment lol

Hopefully it will all get done within the coming months though it all depends on schedules and such. 

I’m proper tired but happy that I get to spend the weekend gaming, with a hint of karaoke and raving (which I guess there’s a couple of random flow wand clips somewhere from me practicing in arcade)

I probably should’ve hung out in the front a bit more when I did cosplay but I was like games *zombie zombie * This is normally the course of things anyway though.

anime expo is a big maybe? Though if I can at least go one day that’d be cool though I don’t know how passes will work for single day or if it’s only Sunday/Monday. In due time I suppose.