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Hello again


Just wanted to check in again. I haven’t had as much time to get on here. I’m going to eat into precious data to post this because it’s gonna get eaten in a few days anyway so may as well go to a good cause.


Slowly getting together parts for mystique cosplay. It’s been tricky since funds have been a little up and down as well as my schedule being random. A lot of art modeling gigs all rolled in at the same  time so I haven’t had as much time for costume stuff. I also need to not be a derp and organize the costumes I have currently so I can access them easily when needed. (Had the worst time trying to find something for a costumed workshop last week and the week before cause everything is just kinda around)


Since my main outside of the home work for the next few weeks is a portrait class my hair has to stay the same for a bit. I was thinking of cutting it after the class ends or changing the color at that time or giving my head a rest from braids. We shall see.


i also want to use my damn bedazzling thingy a bit more. I’ve only used it once to make some holiday top that I’ve had forever a little more fancy. 


I’ll also be gogo dancing at bat cave Hollywood’s annual dark circus so do come see me at that. I plan on bringing all the props. I really wanna go out and dance in general. 

I guess that’s about it.


if any of you are Los Angeles or so cal based it will be in the area I hope we can collaborate on some stuff... miss jaw images is always looking for models as well for projects and photographs for the site so you can also hit her up too!

Thanks a billion

Britney Siren

(since I can’t hyper link just drop me a line and I’ll send ya info)