.... but I ain’t scurrrrrrrd. Ok maybe I am a little bit. Being sick as an adult isn’t as fun as it is as a kid. Well at least as a kid you can miss school and watch cartoons and junk... now I just think of all the things I’m falling behind on. Still I’m trying not to be such a worry wart and take it as my body needs a restart and try to take it as easy as I can. I’ll still be doing edits and updates now that my braids are out for a few weeks (Took them out to shoot a that hot tub akasha set that I’ve been rambling about for a bit but also they were getting the scary kind of dreaded and my neck and head need a rest from the extra hair)


It is worth it though to be sick after magfest. It was my first one and it was quite amazing. Just to meet someone who even knew wth twinkle star sprites was and getting into a discussion about various neo geo games and actually winning a puzzle bobble match was enough for me. I met so many ddr and pump it up players and a few really amazing free stylers. This was a big deal for me because I’ve always been self conscious about doing it in public. I’m not so good at spinning around or memorizing steps but I can shuffle pretty good and getting comfy with it. Ppl watched and clapped and it made me feel all the more inspired to keep up with it and to just not assume I’m garbage at it.


I was surprised by how my flow artists attend this event as well. Some Glover’s were around, saw some good poi and was filled with glee dorking around with other flow wanders. If I’m able to attend next year I hope I will have a good long string wand to take along and that I’ll attend more concerts since I spent the majority of my time in the 24 hour arcade (also quite amazing and filled with so many new and classic gems)

aaaaaaaaand I got to play a sega master system!!! Saw prince of Persia on pc which took me back to many days in elementary after school program dying tons rewinding but never giving up. 


This event makes me want to get back to classic console collecting and eventually purchasing my first arcade machine. I’d love for it to either be some form of dancing game or a multi slot neo geo machine but that’s a long ways away.


The ears and tail for my Lola (space jam) cosplay are done and cute as hell. I can’t wait to shoot that. Shooting michonne sometime soon... debating a few characters to do to get out of my only doing black characters thing.


I guess that’s about all for now. Hopefully I’ll be on streamate to chat this week if I can get my head cold down/ get back to shooting custom orders since I have a bit of a backlog to catch up with which makes me both happy and nervous cause I hate taking forever to do things but I also wanna make sure I get well so I can provide content to the best of my ability.

Please shoot me any cosplay or video ideas or any random chit chat you like. Love ya mucho and take care out there...


ps: might be attending anime LA to do the fashion show so if you’re around and junk do check it out cause there will be butts and it will be fun times!



Britney Siren


to the figure modeling mobile I go!!!