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I've been way open to anime lately. I'm not exactly sure what closed me off to it. I remember watching anime as a child and early  adult hood then I sorta fell off. Perhaps it was just a bad break up which can turn someone off to many things when you're young and you just don't wanna deal. Or a bad experience with someone being a jerk about things. I did have some random dude do the whole "ZOMG you REALLY liek gayms asogowijaowehgoiwehgoh " thing to me once and I was like uh...... bruh... naw I just hang out with nerds for cock... O B V I O U S L Y ><


But yeah I've been watching food wars lately... it always makes me extremely hungry and I'm entertained. I think part of me wishes I could cook orgasmic food items that ppl will travel miles away for or at least to be able to cook for friends and loved once and make them happy since I remember how much I enjoyed hearty meals when I was younger from my grams. It's been a whole year since she's been gone. She was mom, dad and everything. She wasn't perfect but I love her and miss her dearly.


Anyway back on topic of anime thangs.... I've been really REALLY into hunter x hunter lately. There's at least a couple characters I'd like to do though I feel as the show goes on I'd like to do more. We'll see what actually happens. I really like Canary... She's adorable look wise but also who she is as a character (mind you I'm still early in the series) is relatable. I'm not sure if she makes a return later in the series but I did hold back some tears as she had to say that she was just a butler and such to killua... That got my feels so hard! I'm like I know you care! You care hard but you don't wanna make things worse so you're towing a line which I get greatly. Hisoka is fucking cray cray in so many ways but I love him.


I've also been watching My hero academia... there's a few there that I love but I'm not entirely sure who I'd want to dress as. Midoriya is great and his gal pal is adorable but I'm not sure how I'd pull either of those off. oh god the guy that has the fancy belly button also amuses me to know end. I think I deep down just wanna be able to shoot fancy things out of my belly button like he does and razzle dazzle in his special way. Maybe some day if I grind real hard and get the right weapons upgrades I will be able to  be just as fancy :P


I'm gonna watch more things though... :)


Assasination classroom made me cry so hard... but in the best ways. It's like you knew it would end badly at the start but you hoped it wouldn't.... I dunno if I will re-watch that for a while


What are you guys watching?


Oh there's a few cosplalys I'd like to do from older ps1 games but I'm not entirely sure how they will work for the site... I'll have to ask and junk. I was super into bust a groove cause ya know the music game person that I am is into those characters/ nostalgia factor.


I am rambling a ton but it's been a while since I rambled here and wanted to do that... say hello, check in... all that razzle dazzle


anywho is there anything you think I should check out? Anyone you'd like to see me dress as? Anything at all?


I look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks for making it all the way through my rant of randomness at the odd hour.


Time to watch more anime and maybe play some blazblue cause that's also a thing I can do now with my fancy new nes usb/bluetooth controller


Woot Woot


Britney Siren