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I just wanted to do a quick update before heading back to bed so that I'm not as exhausted for my long modeling day tomorrow. I shot Dee from Rat Queens for the site and calendar though I'm still awaiting word on whether she'll end up in either of those *fingers crossed* cause it's a cool character and a great comic so if you haven't checked it out and you dig female protagonists with attitude and junk and beautiful art style you should give it a gander. I think there's three volumes out on amazon so it's not too hard to get a hold of it.


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Not sure if Luke Cage ever got accepted or will go online at some point but I hope it does cause I really enjoyed shooting it and I think you guys will really dig the set if you ever get to see it :D

Planning on shooting Hot tub Akasha in the next couple of weeks which should be awesome. A great location has been booked and I got a new wig so it should be super spiffy and magical with a fancy hot tub and all the awesomeness. I really hope it all pays off.

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The tedious parts are done... now to give it some time to dry before adding the straps and stuff. #inprogress #costumemaking #worbla #armor #beading w. @risingsiren<br />
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So if you feel inclined to help us out with location costs for this shoot/ help us plan more elaborate stuff and keep us gals from starving as much feel free to donate on my #patreon <br /> (that could be wrong in which case lol derp on me but if you search britney siren I should pop up *crosses fingers*) #cosplay #fancybra #fancyboobs #akashacosplay #wip #letsdodis

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#coffee gave me just enough energy to finish #GoldenQueen #Akasha's skirt base before bedtime... Next up? Cover it in rose petals! #sewingproject #sewing #costumemaking #inprogress (I also just ordered a spiffy new wig for this so hopefully it will be awesome since reviews for it were decent even thought straight wigs are always a gamble for me. Sometimes they look cool, other times I feel like my head looks bigger in them lol but maybe that's just a personal thing like ppl with body dysmorphia except not nearly that serious. 😥😨 either way this is coming out rad and thank you to the ppl who donated to help make this happen. I may have to pull the #manyvids campaign soon since it's nearly done though I'm not sure how that will effect the funds so I've been avoiding it... but I'd like to start one for #dotmatrix so ill figure it out. Hopefully it will not just remove everything. Cause every bit does help with materials and location and the like for use broke artsy fartsy types )<br />
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And yes she does some #commissions from time to time so please hit her up for that... you can even go crazy and get super awesome photos of you in or with the commission cause who doesn't want that for ... uh science! 🤓


Also shot a duo set for the site with Melodie Gore (spider man and Gwen Stacy). Hopefully it will be accepted cause I think it looks awesome and ya know it's always nice to have two sexy ladies in their nudeness going hand and hand in perfect... uh nakedness.

"Shhh! Let it happen..." #Spiderverse shoot w. @risingsiren & @melodie_gore. #shibari #ropeartist @kmackphoto. #sexycosplay #milesmorales #gwenstacy #ropeplay #ropebondage #spiderman @cosplaydeviants


Planning for Dot matrix soon. I'll be starting a new funding campaign to help out with cost of materials and the like as well as location so we'll see how that goes.

Lastly I got word that I should be signing at the booth at anime expo this year on Saturday though I'm unsure of the time at the moment so we'll see what happens. I know these things can be a bit hectic as far as planning goes so perhaps I gotta do some digging for the schedule but as soon as I get my eyes on it I'll inform you guys here and on my social media profiles and junk.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see ya all soon

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