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If you shoot with me, you may get reposted by porn blogs, if that offends you then don't shoot with me. I can't control where ppl post me / I understand if you have mainstream work or whatever hang ups about shit but be realistic about your issues and don't leave that shit up to me to sort out. I had one photographer get weird and push for implied shots which I'm like cool... but then DON"T COME TO ME AFTER WHINING ABOUT YOUR JEALOUS WIFE AND OH TITTIES SHE GOANAA BE MAD! 


Marry someone who accepts you and what you do or don't shoot those things or dont' shoot with me... simple. cause this shit is irritating having ppl come back to you after the fact... EVEN YEARS LATER like oh this, oh that...


I really don't care... probably something you should consider before shooting someone who does cam work or adult work in general. That they have a fan base there and you shitting all over the way that they get promoted by others when it's hard as fuck to promote yourself free lance...


end ranto