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The elena photos didn't get accepted which is a little bit of a bummer but life goes on! I'm working on shooting apollo for the site. Since I'm going back to modeling free lance full time again cause working retail sucks and I'm just not equipped with the gene to do that. I'm an introvert and I think all the issues of the end of the year. My grandmother's death, Working two jobs plus modeling while getting no time off, letting them know I'm sick and tired and getting no real sympathy or time scheduled off has left me drained and a bitter taste in my mouth in working this type of work. Even though freelance is unstable I would prefer to deal with the instability than deal with the mental and physical crap of regular work. I'll have to figure out how to manage finances in this way or work enough to cover everything some kind of way. I'm continuing to work on getting new equipment and I'd like to do something once or twice a month where I can rent a space to shoot in so that things are split up a bit more look wise... also getting out of the house every so often couldn't hurt either.

All in all I'm looking forward to having more free time and more time to put toward shooting and creative pursuits.

Thanks so much for reading and happy holiday's!