For those who've been keeping up with me... I've put this off long enough. Even though I'm still fighting a wicked head cold I'm gonna make this happen today. Can't put it off any longer. It's crazy when you're younger and you're sick it's resting and sitting around watching cartoons while adult hood is still running around trying to get things done. I feel like I'm on the tail end of the cold so hopefully I can get through without any major issues *fingers crossed*

If I can get good enough signal I may stream part of the shoot... we shall see. I've been having some issues with trying to live stream from instagram so I may have to leave it to facebook or periscope until it starts working with my app... and hope my signal is decent enough for any of these services.

I'm also super excited to possibly have a streaming date on here as well! I'm looking forward to some live interaction! It's been a while since I've had a chance to hang out in regular chat but the times I have been in there have been very fun and always made my spirits go up ten fold.

Lastly... I'm going to be on the new con pdx cosplay deviants team! I'm not sure what costumes I'll be bringing along with me but I'm looking forward to working my first con with the deviants. I've never been to portland so I'm excited to see what's in the area, meeting all the girls and fans and just enjoying the entire experience.


I hope all is well for you all out there... I wish you happy holiday's and much love!




Britney SIren