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Minnesota, Shawn Wasabi, Coyote Kisses at Exchange (11.4)






Alan Fitzpatrick, Matador (Live), and Dense & Pika at Exchange  (11.5)




L.A. Art Brunch PAINT / DRAW NUDE Female Model 4 Hour Pose + Food & Drinks ONLY $25 PrepaidL.A. Art Brunch PAINT / DRAW NUDE Female Model 4 Hour Pose + Food & Drinks ONLY $



I've also just been accepted to Gods Girl's... I still have some stuff to figure out with them which I'll be doing tonight but I hope to have some content up there really soon. I'm very excited! Thanks guys for voting me in!


I guess that's about all for this week... See ya next time




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5 Prepaid


As for specific cosplay deviants news... Luke cage might be live soon. There was some sizing issues but I think they can be remedied so I've got my fingers crossed for that. I'll be shooting an elena set on election day so hopefully that will be loved and available soon as well. Working on a new akasha look for photos/video so we'll see how that goes along. I'm also super open to suggestions on characters you'd like to see me as or folks who you think my current characters would go with. Thanks so much for reading and I hope that all is well. I hope you had a great halloween!

It was a good one that was bitter sweet since it would've been my grandma's birthday but I got to celebrate with good music and with family so I'm sure she would've approved of us all getting together.





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