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So I've laid my grams to rest... I've shared, I've cried... I've done all I can and now it's time to get back to normal. Thanks for all the condolences and the like. I have personal thoughts and feelings to sort through which I'll do in my own time offline.


So for this week's events feel free to check the following link! Prices do tend to go up at the door so it's best to either buy tickets online or hop on a guest list to save some dinero!


10/20: Bass Rush Featuring Figure and Protohype



10/21: Feed Me Family Reunion Tour



10/22: Yoshitoshi Night Featuring Sharam, Hobo, Anthony Atalla




Next weekend I may also be performing at las vegas fetish ball so be on the look out for updates on that as well. I'm excited to possibly be spinning my flashy wand around for all you fine folks soon!


Other things to note... I went into god girl's purgatory this monday so... if you'd like to vote and aren't a member feel free to click the discount link for 50% off sign up! I have about two weeks to reach 80% approval which would make me official on the site so if you'd like to see me there as much as I would please vote! :D


I did an amazing fashion show this weekend which some reposts of it are up on my instagram if you'd like to check that out as well.


I guess that's about it here... I'll be on streamate later on today, weds is also a possibility... as usual my schedule can be a bit random here as far as chat goes so fave me for updates but expect that I'll be on this week. Tues(today) I have mostly free, thurs/friday currently still free and the other days are gonna take some planning but might be plausible (save weekends since I rarely cam on weekends anyway)


Thanks for reading and I wish you and yours good health and good times!




Britney Siren