Hey guys! Just wanted to check in about things going on this week! Some spiffy parties that are going on, one charity event and an event I'm modeling at. I'm planning my weekend a bit better this time... I've got red bull in hand and I'm ready to get out and enjoy the night! I'm also back on streamate so be on the lookout for me (I should be online sometime tonight and possibly friday)


Last weeks Akasha shoot also went super well! There's a few pics up on my instagram if you'd like to check those out! Hopefully it will make it's way to Cosplay Deviants soon to make a home with it's photoset counter part!


I'm also planning on making  a vlog of the artists playing this weekend, dance around a bit to them on my youtube page after I grab some groceries and the like! So here's what's going on this week!


If you'd like to get on my discount guest list feel free to drop me an email! Ticket prices tend to go up at the door so it's nice to have handy! 


9/21/2016:  San Holo w/ Said the Sky, Point Point at Awakening Friday's at Exchange LA




9/23/2016: Gallery Girls Jamaican Themed Figure Drawing Event!



(Please email Jackie Thompson Jackie@artdirectors.org & let her know you are coming)

Stunning Backyard of Jim & Becky Katraris in Simi Valley, CA 93065 off the 118 freeway - exit Erringer Road

(Address will be given with Payment or RSVP) 

This is a VERY SPECIAL Themed Drawing and Painting event with 3 models dressed in fun Island wear or nude. 

We will have fun food and drinks as well. And some beautiful music to go with it.

Models; Britney Siren (me), Tamura Bettie Black and Jennifer Fabos Patton




Green Velvet vs. Cashmere w/ Prok & Fitch  at Inception Saturday's at Exchange LA




9/26/2016: Do it for the Kids Featuring Excision, Zomboy, Ookay b2b Kayzo b2b Dotcom b2b Yultron, Ghastly, Dirtyphonics, Botnek, ETC!ETC!, Jayceeoh, Laxx, Jstjr at Exchange LA





As far as live chat I should be online today (9/21/2016) after running some errands. If my shoot doesn't come through for the 23rd I'll also be online friday so a maybe for that! Next week is a little less crazy schedule wise but we shall see how that changes up as the dates get a bit closer! I'll have another spiffy update for you all next week, I'll also be sure to edit another new set so that my Zivity and Diverxity supporters get new content! If you haven't had a chance to check it out you should head over to my website as well (if you like ya know nudity and stuff which I gather you might if you're reading this )


Thanks for reading and I'll see you all out there on the flip side!




Britney Siren