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So the photographer that normally shoots my stuff here/lends her amazing hands in making things for me since I'm sewing challanged is going to be working on Akasha with me today! I'm really excited to see how things turn out/wondering if I'll be daring enough to wear it outside of the house. I don't mind ya know being in various stages of undress. I get worried about others reactions or attacks to said stages of undress. I know I shouldn't worry about it too much but I guess I'd only feel super safe if someone was with me. I tend to dress more conservative when I'm alone since I don't enjoy being bothered. Not in a I don't wanna talk to anyone way as I love talking to people but I'm somewhere inbetween introvert and extrovert so... certain kinds of attention can be draining for me.

If she's ok with it I might periscope our hang out... I'll ask since I'm super new to it!

Another really cool thing is Cosplay deviants totally has a periscope too so if you're already on the app you should follow. I've been popping into the road trip stuff and it's just really interesting to be able to connect with folks in such a way. My service is kinda meh and prepaid but I might try to use it while I'm out and about just to see how well it handles being on my network :D

And lastly I should be attending Silicon Valley Comic Con so if you're a photographer, model or cool person we could have a chance to chill, be merry, shoot some stuff etc... I'm volunteering on friday but after that I think I should be free to roam the grounds freely. I've always tried to volunteer but got accepted so I'm really excited to enter a new sort of thing and see some of the inner workings of a convention. I want to apply to more events and see how I fair...

Anywho I hope all is well with you out there folks! 

(I'm fairly sure I can't submit this selfie video of me in my foxxy boots so ummm here it is here for you to enjoy! hopefully more amazing sets soon to come! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)


Britney Siren