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I've been trying to set up new shoots with mixed luck. Some photographers seem interested but then setting actual dates has been difficult. I'd attempt a self shot set (since I do those anyway) but.... my equipment consistes of a point and shoot, a sony handy cam or my cell which neither of those can produce high enough quality images on their own. I think I'll have to go outside of the ppl I already know and put up an actual casting to get something done and hope for the best *fingers crossed*

I want to remain as active as I possibly can.

The other issue is my shitty sewing skills. I'm not confident in making anything "nice"... though the only way to get better is to practice. I have a machine and I may have some hand sewing materials laying around. Since I'm taking the day off from camming I'm going to look around and see if I have enough to practice on some small items and make little projects  here and there when I can (finances willing).

On the other side... I'm pretty good at painting wierd things onto other things and I really enjoy that. One of the posts in the forums has kinda inspired me to finish a sonic the hedghog skirt that I started but never fully finished. (i'll post a pic at the end)

If there's any photographer's on here reading this and you're in the los angeles area... do shoot me a message! (i'm not sure if you can mail me directly here but my email is britneysiren(at)gmail(dot)com )

also... someone suggested that I do tara from true blood... I'm working on getting the costume. I think the hardest part would be putting in the braids which I'm good at so... shouldn't be too tricky.

Anywho thanks for reading and being rad... I've also started  go fund me for getting new cam equipment if you'd like to check that out (

I must finish this at some point though I'm not sure I have the right collors for the rest of the death egg/the skill lol

also hoping I can shoot apollo for this site... I'll have to ask before i shoot anything but... we'll see what happens... so lots of stuff to do here *crosses fingers* for it all to work out!

I hope the new year is treating you right! take care out there

^---also I know I've gone on about pump it up before and how I'm super into it. . . this is an older video a buddy took of me (I forget to record myself most of the time) hopefully I'm a little better now but wanted to show you guys that side too!

so uh... good vibes and all that jazz to all you snazzy folks


Britney Siren