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Finally making and sticking to a half way regular camming schedule. Planning some more holiday shoots as well. There's a few things that have been shot but not submitted yet (I think) I'll have to ask the photographer about that sometime soon (she's a pretty rad lady). I also have an apollo creed costume in the works. I know that's a bit random but I kinda like dressing as characters that most people wont touch or have forgotten about. There's a billion chun-li's but ya never see apollo out there! I think my fro is just about right to pull it off too! Really hoping it will be done by next years anime expo :)


Most of all I hope you're having a happy and safe christmas. I know that for some this time of year isn't the greatest. The whole holiday cheer and probably the way that they sell certain holiday's to people can get folks down if it doesn't fit that narrative. I've spent a few christmas holiday's w/out family, mostly alone. Some went exactly as planned, this one I wasn't able to get anyone anything and that's made me a little sad but I think those who know me and know the financial struggles I've gone through won't take it too personal / will understand.

I do believe that nothing is promised or owed. That each person who decides to be in your life every day does so because they choose to care. That to keep folks caring you do have to be worth something. I try to do as much as I'm able to on any other day as well. 

Thank you to those who care enough to read these/who have supported me since the start and well even if you just found out who I was a day ago... thanks :)

Other than this there's a few events I plan on attending!

Anime expo 2016

star wars night :batcave jan 9th (go-go dancing)

ruin (12/26/15)

Avn's (jan 20th at the clips4sale booth) tentative

I hope to get more things shot/submitted soon! I'm also open to suggestions too! I hope you all have a happy holiday... and know that you're special to someone somewhere even if they haven't made it known yet :)


Britney Siren

^--- hopefully this will be submitted/accepted... we shall see :D