Britney Siren's Blog

It was a mixed bag of something or another. I got to shoot my look for gogo dancing at a tim burton themed event but so much happened during the day that I was unable to attend. Mostly being thrown out of a x-mas party probably because I looked a bit too strange and everyone else looked pretty upper class fancy. I'm not sure if I was super bothered by it initially but I'm sad that I missed a gig/a buddies party that I would've enjoyed/braved the rain in that tutu to not go to the thing that the look was intended for. Hopefully I'll get some great pics back and I'll at least have that to show for it!

Other than that I'm so happy that foxxy is now live on the site! She's pretty much my fave cosplay ever so I'm happy she's a part of such a great site though it does leave an interesting taste in my mouth.

I was tagged on my personal page in some "cosplay isn't consent" blog. Which is fine... it isn't consent. The parts that kinda got to me was the section pretty much bashing sites like these for making cosplay sexual. The lady was wearing a slave leia costume mind you. I mean I'm PRETTY sure you wouldn't dress up a 7 year old girl in slave leia because the costume itself is already sexy and yet you don't like the idea of someone being sexy in said costume? Or is it the idea of someone profiting off of a hobby that they also enjoy... and being sexy which is also enjoyable?

I see posts like these every so often and I wonder if the ladies who have been doing this longer or have more notoriety get issues with random women as a result. I've always been a do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone kind of gal... so this makes me wonder if people who have this line of thinking, if it's more to do with their own discomforts than with the actual thing they're judging? Unless you're in a space where minors are present I don't mind anyone being sexual, sexy or what have you at all. Nudity doesn't make me bat an eyelash. I'm pretty sure I've seen nearly all my female friends naked at one point or another... so boobs no problem. I webcam as a main source of income so wieners also don't really phase me anymore. I'm probably so jaded by nudity or half naked people that someone more covered is a bit more intriguing than someone in pasties and a thong or just all out there but I guess my experiences aren't the norm. 

While I'd like to overcome some of my social anxieties and get out there another part of me wonders what people are really thinking. I try to bare in mind that it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things so long as my personal space is respected and I'm not being yelled at or berated then think whatever you want.

It is sad that folks have this "for attention" mindset as if attention is a bad thing. I'm fairly sure that oversimplifying anything is never the best course of action either. I know I'll get attention anyway regardless of what I wear. I'm a woman... I look decent... ppl will look. It must be a bit more than that... could it be that someone could be attractive and actually like a character enough to want to dress as them AND not mind being sexy too?

hmmm... anywho I hope you all enjoy my foxxy set and that you have happy holiday's!