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Hopefully the pic will actually show up properly but if not you can check it out on my instagram, Melodie gore’s instagram or cosplay deviants as well if I ig haven'tcheckes it out already. Hopefully the repost means it  as liked. Planning a formal shoot for skeletor soon and other fun characters. If there’s WiFi maybe we can do a stream as well to connect with you all. Much love to you all.


#Repost @melodie_gore ・・・ @jazzy_devil house and snuck a computer shot of @risingsiren and I as skeletor and she -ra for @cosplaydeviants. Shot by @jaw_images

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Hello again


Just wanted to check in again. I haven’t had as much time to get on here. I’m going to eat into precious data to post this because it’s gonna get eaten in a few days anyway so may as well go to a good cause.


Slowly getting together parts for mystique cosplay. It’s been tricky since funds have been a little up and down as well as my schedule being random. A lot of art modeling gigs all rolled in at the same  time so I haven’t had as much time for costume stuff. I also need to not be a derp and organize the costumes I have currently so I can access them easily when needed. (Had the worst time trying to find something for a costumed workshop last week and the week before cause everything is just kinda around)


Since my main outside of the home work for the next few weeks is a portrait class my hair has to stay the same for a bit. I was thinking of cutting it after the cl...

Checking in!


Things on the horizon... Prepping for calendar shooting in the soon time. I'm rather looking forward to it since it's a character that I've loved for a good chunk of my life and relate to / have read some of the comics for. Hit she's a shape-shifter and her color is cooler than cool ;)  

Black panther set should be going live sometime soon... got the official acceptance mail a few days ago so I'm looking forward to hearing or rather readings everyone's reaction to it. I hope you enjoy it as it was truly a joy to shoot. After seeing the movie (I promise no spoilers) but I'm even more glad. It was kinda nice seeing a movie with a predominately black cast that wasn't a gangster flick or a story of hearth break or drama/comedy. I can't really think of anything else like this that was black spoliation (which also has a weird place in my heart as they're usually pretty awful but entertaining. )



So my con was short... a little awkward. I was in a bit of a mood but toward the end of the day when I was getting ready for the fashion show and after many hours of wanding I got back to a normal space. It did however clear up some things for me. Moods always do. While a mood alone is not a super indication of reality it is a clue or a call to change and I'm taking it that way. I've always been a sensitive person who has tried to have this IDGAF attitude with things. Ironically admitting my feelings has made me less effected by what doesn't matter but sometimes old wounds do rear their ugly head now and again. My apologies for not being able to stalk the booth a bit or attend much while in a mood. I tend to not want to be around others and generally any dislike is amplified ten fold but it's always an enlightening experience. 

That said I have a few personal goals to fulfill and some new limits. It seems that nearly every-...


Still wading the waters of sickness. I've got dayquil armed and I guess at this point I have to just try to get as much as I can done while feeling this way. It's been a few weeks of meh and bleh but I'm handling it. I'm nearly done with my legal crap / bs from that past toxic relationship. It feels like every new day is a step further away from madness. I'm not sure if any of you have been there before but it's not something I understood until I had days to reflect in jail. (and yes that was a very scary but enlightening and humbling experience) In a way I think that it was needed to cement things. When you come out of that kind of abuse/ from a childhood of abuse certain things appear normal until you're forced to look at your part in things. Yes they abused me but I also allowed it to happen and I understand why now. A good support system and a good relationship with self is so important in life. One must also build healthy...

The shoot was awesome, live streaming on the cosplay deviants facebook page also went super rad. If you haven't checked that out feel free to click dis text right cheerrraaaah  I heard quite a few requests for tara from true blood and someone mentioning blade. I would like to do those characters at some point in the future though others will be done sooner. I dig hearing feedback and stuff so feel free to drop me a message whenever ya like or just say howdy. Comment here... whatever works. Other than that I was planning on hoping on cam this week though I'm still feeling kinda cruddy so we shall see but if I am on this week you can check out shows here

I may have mentioned this before (or not) but I'm going to be modeling in the fashion show at anime LA so do come check that o...

I'm so excited that today is finally the day. I'm sorry I haven't been online as much. I've been battling con plague but I'm going to get back into the swing of things from today on. I've taken enough time off and I think that's about all I can afford so I'll at least have to get back to semi work level/ working out again. I've been missing the gym and chatting online with folks... I've edited so many things but I haven't had a chance to shoot anything new. I just wanna get back into the swing of things.


But most importantly I will be on the cosplay deviants facebook live stream later today so do tune in for that. The lovely lens / crafty / hetero life mate miss jaw images will be shooting me and stuff so if you got questions or random things for us both feel free to tune in and ask what's...

.... but I ain’t scurrrrrrrd. Ok maybe I am a little bit. Being sick as an adult isn’t as fun as it is as a kid. Well at least as a kid you can miss school and watch cartoons and junk... now I just think of all the things I’m falling behind on. Still I’m trying not to be such a worry wart and take it as my body needs a restart and try to take it as easy as I can. I’ll still be doing edits and updates now that my braids are out for a few weeks (Took them out to shoot a that hot tub akasha set that I’ve been rambling about for a bit but also they were getting the scary kind of dreaded and my neck and head need a rest from the extra hair)


It is worth it though to be sick after magfest. It was my first one and it was quite amazing. Just to meet someone who even knew wth twinkle star sprites was and getting into a discussion about various neo geo games and actually winning a puzzle bobble match was enough for me. I met so man...

So if you're up in the area or planning on attending I'll be around. It's my first time in the state. I have a few shoots booked but we'll see what happens. If they all come through maybe some new pics for your eye sockets will be available. If not I'm sure some fun adventures will be had. There's supposed to be a pump it up tournament and if I'm not busy with volunteering I'd like to try to enter. I haven't been playing as much as I'd like since I've been focused on saving up funds and getting everything back to my normal level and beyond but I'll give it all a shot.

However I have been staying active with flow wand and dancing of different types so I'm not worried about turning into a pumpkin or anything anytime soon.

Akasha shoot is planned next and should be happening after I return from magfest so stay tuned for that. Hopefully this version will be accepted for the site since you guys liked the original so ...

Things went so well and I couldn't have imagined more from it. Hopefully the set will get accepted *fingers crossed* I also got my Lola Bunny Costume a few days early which is rad. I don't think it will be allowed for this site... sadly but who knows. Maybe if enough ppl wanted it then it could be a thing. I wish there was a way to do a pole on most wanted characters by the fans. I think it would be a neat way to get gals and gents to do more of what's wanted. Could even make it specific to certain members and who one would want to see them as? I'm just rambling here.


I'm also streaming on streamate today.

It's been pretty chill but different being online on the weekend and at night but I'm managing.

Still planning Akasha stuff soon and Minot from Street fighter could be a reality in the not so distant future.

Keep your heads up and happy holidays!