I had the most amazingly wonderful time at Dragon Con! Thank you to all the members who showed up and got prints and such, and who came to the party, I had such a great time meeting all of you! I had so much fun hanging out with my fellow Deviants as well and getting to know everyone better. I had such a good experience and am so proud to be on this site with some of the most amazing people out there.

Thanks so everyone for giving me such a warm welcome and showing me a pleasant time. I love you ALLL!!!!!!!

Hell yeah not only did I get my computer fixed BUT I also got videos to work on my blog.


New Set

Yay! My newest set, "Standstill", is now up! Go check it out here!

Hope you guys like it, if you're X-23 fans, this set is for you. I apologize in advance if you're offended by smoking (I only say this since it's already been brought up.)

Anyway, just keeping you guys updated... Woo!

Sad Face!

Hey everyone, just letting you know my computer has died so I will not be on as frequently as I used to be until I can afford a replacement. Unfortunately that means no more chat for me... I don't have an access to a webcam either. :( 


So I was going to start posting video blogs for you guys once a week but for whatever reason...


So, I tried my wittle best to like, you know, reformat the video

But every single thing I downloaded legitmately has not worked for me 

I am pulling all of my little bleached blonde hairs out over this because I was super excited about it

and now just...

poop. (probably because I am a proud Macintosh owner)

Not sure why either since every other website ever accepts my videos off my webcam just the way they are, I've never had this i...

Eep! I am so excited I can finally blog on here! I had tried to last time with the old site and it wouldn't work for me, it kept bringing me to an error screen. I love the new sleek set up! There are a couple things I noticed that aren't quite right yet but I am confident they will get taken care of. For a minute I was like... "Where are all my sets?!" haha. Anyways, I will be blogging about everything all the time now so don't get annoyed of me. I can also post videos which I'm super excited about! I wish I had a better quality webcam or.. an acutal video camera.. BUT! You will just have to deal with my pixelated videos. >:)

Yeahhh! I am so excited! Fresh and so clean, clean!