Ok, so I must know, how many of you are into Elder Scrolls?

I got to play the beta for EOS and it was fucking magic. Like, I am so excited. I just bought the Imperial Edition and I cannot WAIT until March 31st (I get early access!!!!) I'm literally not playing any other games for the next year. Except for my DS stuff... Oh, by the way, all of you should friend me!! My friend code is: 0147-0625-9770 and I've got Animal Crossing, Pokemon X, and I'm getting Ocarina of Time this week. Send me your friend code back if you want to play games! :D

So yeah, back to Elder Scrolls. I'm going to be playing as a Dragonknight, and most likely tank, because, well, that's what I do best. Here are some of my screenshots from my game play. The fucking character creation was phenominal. UGH.


New set!

Hey all! My Lilith set went up today and I am so excited! I hope you all like it, I appreciate any and all feedback, and obviously, a duo with myself and Miss Hypoxia is on the way soon. :) Both of us spent a ton of time and put quite a bit of effort into working on these costumes, they were an endeavor, but completely worth it. If you came to Dragon Con you most likely got to see it before the set was shot! *Spoilers, sweetie!* Anyway, let me know what you guys think about the set, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

xx bear


So my birthday is coming up soon! March 2nd actually! If anyone feels like getting me anything I always appreciate it and this is my amazon wishlist! I'll always send things in return as a thank you - and I even have a specific part of the wishlist dedicated to cosplay supplies which all goes towards new sets to be shot for the site! :)

Aside from that... My good friend Freshie has been accepted to be a Cosplay Deviant and has already shot her first two sets (they're amazing and I love her!) Expect to see sets from us together soooon! <3 AND, as you may have already heard, Anna Cherry and I have shot a bazillion sets together and I love them and they're wonderful. Cherry is amazing and I think I'm going to run away with her forever. I've been traveling a whole heck of a lot lately and met so many amazing fans and made new friends! I'm happier than I've been in quite a long time, and I'm trying to make a plan to head u...



Well, my Sophie set was in the preview box for a few days and supposed to be released on XMas, but I guess somebody screwed up, so now no Christmas set from Hex and I and no new set on Christmas! Yay! You guys get NOTHING!

I thought it was weird. I assumed no one had sent in holiday sets (or they all got rejected like mine).

Whatever! Happy holidays

Well, unfortunately Hex and I's holiday set is not going up this year, which really sucks, but whatever. Hopefully I'll actually get one up next year. 

Surprisingly I logged on today to see myself in the preview box! My Sophie Hatter set is going up on Christmas! So... I guess there are no holiday sets this year? So weird! Anyway, I'm happy for that set to finally go up, and I hope you guys like it! I have a ton more sets so send in soon, so hopefully you'll be seeing lots more of me, haha!


So, I have shot a ton of new sets for the site lately. A minimum of at least... 5, I think. And I'm shooting 3 more this weekend.

None of those are completely prepped or sent in yet, so the waiting will be a bit.. But, I have one set in and accepted, waiting to go up, and another set waiting on approval! (With the lucious Squeaks... wee!) Tomorrow I'm shooting a holiday set for the site with Hex. It's going to be... AWESOME. As well as a character I finished last year that I'd never gotten around to shooting for the site. So, yeah, I'm excited. I only have a few more characters I need to finish up before this years workload is offically finished... And I write up a new syllabus for 2014. All new characters (maybe a few revamped or in different costumes) but for the most part, all new, all different, all EXCITE. Oh, did I mention I'm getting together with Vivka and shooting a set in February? I might die. Literally. Die.

The new year is bringing grea...


So I finally shot by Lilith Aensland for CosDev! Holy Jesus the pictures are amazing. The photographer and I were rolling around squealing from all the excites. 

I also shot another set for the site today, hints: she's blonde, wears blue, and is pretty 'fantastic'... haha!

ZOMG! So that means my list of characters I have completed vs characters I have shot is finally lessening... Yay!



Yay! I finally had a new set go up with Meka, "Sleepover". Here we see a return of the Gloomy Bear as well as fun playtime with one of my favorite ladies. I was so excited to finally shoot a set with her! Hope you guys like it! <3

Gearing up now to shoot a holiday set soon. Hopefully everything works out and I can get it in in time!


So I think I have a weird thing for redheads (I just love them). I was putting together my newest cosplay today (Amy Pond!) And I noticed that she's the seventh redheaded character I've done. (Only three of them are sets on the site, I'll be shooting more as soon as I'm not as busy!) I was also looking back at some of my older sets and thinking I should reshoot them now that I have more experience and could improve so much more! I've also been thinking about doing a new Misty set in her Goldeen dress or Kimono. SO MANY THINGS!

Right now I have:

Lilith Aensland

Sue Storm (sans shoes)


Queen Etheria

Carol Marcus (sans shoes & underwear)

Amy Pond (Only about halfway done..)

That are all needing to be shot... I've gotten a lot accomplished and now it's just time to turn these into sets on the site! Hope you guys are looking forward to some of them.. I've been posting previews on my Facebook page! :)