Tainted Love

Yay! My newest set, "Tainted Love", is in the preview box! It should be out on Monday the 14th - I am so excited! Squeaks was there when this set was shot and it was so much fun, even though it was a zillion degrees out and I thought I might sweat to death, haha. Rogue is one of my all time favorite characters and definitely my favorite comic book heroine & x-man (x-woman?) Anyway, I hope you all like the set, let me know what you think when it comes out! <3


Reporting for duty! 

Mikasa is coming along nicely, I just have a few more things to do before she will be finished and ready to shoot! So excited! I would love to shoot a duo with one of the other models in the future for an awesome AOT super set... There are a few girls with AOT cosplays already.. GROUP SHOOT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

Hey everyone! I'm back with a new Amy Pond set, the solo version of Squeak's and I's Eleventh Doctor and Amy duo! I'm happy to see this set go up, I love Amy so much, she's definitely one of my all time favorite characters as well as my favorite Doctor Who character - I hope to do more Amy sets in the future! I'm very happy with the positive responses I've recieved so far - thank you all for your kind words! 

I remember when I shot this set with The Sinful Side of SSD it was so incredibly hot outside, I was ready to get the clothes off almost immedaitely! We shot it in a really awesome abandoned house that I thought was perfect for an episode of Who... There were plenty of cracks in the walls :) 

I actually got together with the same photographer again today and finally shot Queen Etheria from the Venture Bros, which I am super excited about, here is a picture from before we started shooting!

Anyway, I'm glad you're all enjoying t...


AppleJack Cosplay WIP Picture

So I figured I'd give you guys a sneak peek update at what I'm currently working on. AppleJack (MLP Equestria Girls) is almost finished! Just a few more finishing touches to her and I'll be done and ready to shoot. I'm exceedingly happy with the way this cosplay is turning out considering it's the first one I've made using my sewing machine I got for Christmas. I think I'm getting a hang of it! It's much quicker, easier, and more effective than hand sewing everything. I chose AppleJack because out of all the pony girls, she is the one I most relate to (being from the south), plus she's so cute and I just love her. I'm hoping to get together with some of the other Deviant girls (or boys) out there that also have some pony costumes and shoot some sets with them too! Anyway, yeah, hope you guys like it! I also might be shooting a Venture Bros set for the site this week soon if all goes according to plan... We shall see! :) - Bear

Yay! Hex Hypoxia and I's "Soul Sisters" set is up in the preview box! I am so excited! Both she and I put a ton of work into these costumes and are extremely proud of the way they came out. We spent a lot of time planning this set, location, and everything for this to be possible and are really looking forward to finally being able to present the results of our work. All of us involved cannot wait to hear your responses! I hope you all enjoy the set!


I don't know if you guys have seen the preview box yet but... Lilith hath returned! And for those of you who have been asking about it, Hex Hypoxia and I's Morrigan and Lilith duo set is a go! I'm really excited to see it here on CosDev, but in the meantime... Enjoy some more Lilith goodness from yours truely. I'm extremely pleased with the way this particular installment came out and I'm looking forward to hearing your input and general responses. Saturday will come quicker than it seems! :)




So as you guys can probably see from the preview box, Anna Cherry and I have a new set due to be released on Saturday! I am so excited about this set, it's Anna and I's first duo together, and I had such an amazing time shooting with her! She is so fun and laid back - and we work together really well. I wish I was closer so we could work on more, but, I guess that just means I'll have to keep going back to visit :) 

This is one of my favorite characters to do, and with the new X-Men coming out soon, I think the timing is appropriate! I had so much fun putting this cosplay together and it is definitely on my top favorites to wear at conventions. I hope you guys like the new set, and keep your eyes peeled for more of Anna and I together!


New Stuff!

So I have had a very difficult past few weeks but things are finally all starting to fall into place!

I recently dropped a ton of money on a DLSR. (Canon, for those of you wondering) I'm really excited to be experimenting with digital photography after working with nothing but film the past few years. I've been wanting to get a camera but haven't had the money until just recently. I'll be shooting sets for GodsGirls and Zivity for sure, I'm not sure about what else... I probably won't be shooting other models for a while (plus I'm going to be REALLY picky about who I shoot... If I'm shooting for fun, I'm going to mainly concentrate on shooting surrealist conceptual portraiture and not pretty pictures...) But yeah, good stuff. I'm thinking about signing up for a photography class or two at a local community college here, to learn the technical side of things, so I'm not just pushing buttons and hoping for the best, plus I'd like to take some photoshop classes as well.