Mega Con

Mega Con Flier

So the cat is out of the bag as most of you have seen this:

I'll be at Mega Con in Florda next week and I am extremely excited! I cannot wait to see my fellow Deviants at the convention and meet some ladies I've never met before! As always I love working the booth and having the chance to represent the company!

Nonon Jakuzure

Hey all! So I finally almost finished a cosplay project I've been working on for a few months in my spare time... All I need to do is sew a few places here and there and make some adjustments to the top! I took some just for fun preview shots for you guys - hopefully I should be able to shoot her next weekend. NUDIST BEACH!

My patch got a little spun around (I haven't sewn it yet, so it was just pinned on) so it's upside down, haha - but I wanted to share this picture because BOOBS! I've also got no make-up on so don't judge me too harshly, the set will look much much better than this! :-)

Yay! My newest video, "Lady of Light", went live on Wednesday (alongside The Battle of Five Armies) I hope you all enjoyed it, LoTR is very special to me and has been since I was very young. My Dad used to read The Hobbit to me as a bedtime story, and it was my absolute favorite, so it has and always will be close to my heart. I love Galadriel and how multifacited she is as a character, both light and dark at the same time in a whirlwind of beauty and chaos... So I felt it was my duty to do my best to portray her! I made the dress from scratch (it was actually my first ever from scratch sewing project, I usually just modify already existing pieces for my cosplays but this one I did completely myself!) Yes, there will be a set accompanying this video, it has already been shot and is in the process of being edited, but it hasn't been submitted yet, so it may be a while! I'm hoping to start working on a Tauriel soon, too... I fucking love Tauriel. She's just... perfect. I want to make ...

So for those of you who haven't seen it yet, I posted this picture on my Instagram yesterday:

While I was hanging out with my favorite photographer Sheeanna (The Sinful Side of SSD) so take from it what you will... We may or may not have been shooting...

Anyway, yesterday was full of Adventure Timey goodness, she and I also made a bedroom set up that was perfectly pink and full of candy decorations and felt like it could be the room of a princess *hint, hint*

Now that these are done, this is honestly probably the last thing I will be shooting in 2014. I am still working on finishing up some in progress cosplays (My Mikasa Ackerman is done except for the 3D manuvering gear... GAH... I have no idea how to even begin making that!) And since my Rena Ryuugu was taken down because of the blood restriction I'll be reshooting that in 2015. I had a new set accepted last night that I am very excited for you all to see... It's... PONYESQUE......

Hey everyone! I thought I should let you all know in case you are interested - I am having my own Black Friday sale in my Etsy shop from now until midnight on Tuesday December 2nd! Every single thing in my shop is 50% off with the coupon code 'BLACKFRIDAY14'! I'm trying to clear everything out so some of these prices are total steals, and everything in my shop is limited edition (meaning there's only one ever of it or a very limited run of copies made and available) so get your prints and polariods now! Happy shopping everyone!

New Sets

Everything has been CRAZY LATELY!!!

As some of you already know I am Halloween obsessed so I always take a seasonal job realting to the holiday. I have worked in Haunted Houses for the past 7 years of my life, but this year I decided to go a different route, retail... *shudders*. Anyway I got to be an assistant manager at a local Halloween charity retail store, which was all fine and dandy, but we're packing up now so most of my shifts are 12 hours long. I'm fucking beat. The only chance I get to answer e-mails/do online work is early in the morning before I go in!

BUT I got to shoot some new CosDev sets with The Sinful Side of SSD when I visited her Halloween weekend. I'm ridiculously happy with all of them, but here are some preview pics of one that I've been working on since July.... :)

Yeaaaaah! So that's all the time I have to update today, I've literally got to run out the door now. I LOVE YOU GUYS BYE


Oh man, so I'm really really REALLY excited... I just got the edited video back from my photographer we shot quite some time ago, and it's the most beautiful video I can honestly say I've ever shot for any site. I am so happy with the way it came out. I submitted it today so I'm crossing my fingers that it'll get accepted by CD because I am dying for all of you to get to see it... Seriously. For those of you that have/have seen the calendar, it's the same character as I shot for that... BUT IN VIDEO FORM! It's all glowy and magical and middle-earthy! For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about.... You should get one of our calendars. They're great. I'm Miss May, so flip through to find out! For those of you who follow me on social media, you've seen that I also FINALLY shot AppleJack (that one took me about a year... Haha. I literally started it Nov 21st of last year.) And it looks gorgeous too (thank you Sheanna, you are an amazing photographer!) I haven't seen the fi...

Oh yaaaay! Hex Hypoxia and I have a new set in the preview box! We shot this one quite a while ago, so I am really excited to see it going up on the site! This is the accompanying duo to our "Cold Embrace" & "Embrace" sets, a little brother-sister love for you guys... Hahaha. Anyway, it comes out this Saturday, so I'm looking forward to hearing what you all think of it!

Aside from that I've been pretty busy myself lately, I picked up a part-time seasonal job at a Halloween retail store for some extra income and because I love the holiday! That on top of looking for a house, modeling gigs, making sure I'm consistantly providing web content (new sets!) for all my sites, keeping social media updated, and the model liaison position, I am super busy but in a really great way! I'm absolutely loving having more responsibility and working closley with CosDev and all the people that make it so wonderful (the models!).

I would make this post longer but I've got to sign ou...

Danger Zone!

Happy to see you all enjoying the new set with Anna! She is so much fun to shoot with and this set was a blast, so I'm very very happy to see it being well recieved! I feel like I got to look my most conventional in this set - most of my piercings out and tattoos covered up - which was pretty fun and different for me. I had a really easy time getting into playing Cheryl, since she and I are quite alike in a few ways, mostly including choking (she can get a little more extreme with some things... I'm not a glue sniffer. Ha!) And Anna is so much taller than me with her crazy long awesome hair it was easy to pretend she was my Lana, and we were at headquarters, taking some much needed R&R!

Aside from the new set news, Dragon Con is getting closer and closer! I cannot wait! I'm so looking forward to hanging out with all the girls and meeting ones I don't already know! Plus, as always, meeting the fans! I better see you all there! <3

Just curious - how many of you out there are fans of Yu Yu Hakusho? It was one of my favorite animes when it came out (and still is!) I even had a huge Kurama poster on my wall and my favorite thing in the world used to be Kurama/Hiei fanfics (don't judge me) 

Anyway I have been considering putting together cosplays of some of my favorite female characters from the show (including Botan and Yukina!) I was wondering how many of the CosDev models and members were fans of the show! I kind of wanted to gauge interest level on whether or not I should shoot sets for the site if I do end up doing these. I figured it could be really fun, but I wanted to see what you guys thought first! I would love to do a multi (as always - you guys already know how I feel about multis) and there are so many versatile characters in the show that I feel like it would be great to get a bunch of us models together and shoot a big awesome set! That, and Sailor Moon, etc etc etc... I have ...