Guyyyysss! So my PB set is finally going up in June, and I'm super excited to share it with you all! Check it out:

I actually *shot* this set in November of 2014, so it's been a long time in the making. Here's a selfie from the day of the shoot! Unfortunately it's the only one I took (boo!)

This is my first bedroom set, so it's a little different from anything else I have on the site so far. I bought special sheets and accessories just for this one so everything would be as PB as possible. :-)

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Do you see the preview box?! Exciting, huh? Only one more day for my set with Annasthesia to go live, I am so pumped about it (if you haven't noticed from my incessant social media posting) I don't have any additional behind the scenes that you guys haven't already seen from my previous posts unfortunately, so you'll have to wait until midnight to get the glory of us touching butts! Are you ready?!


Here's a preview of my most recent submission! It is a re-shoot of my "Cute Mode" set from a few years ago, taken off the site for blood. This is the last time I shot this character (the cosplay is no longer in my possession) but I hope to do a couple different variations of her in the future like her Angelmort outfit and school uniform! If you guys dig horror anime and lots of gore I recommend checking out When They Cry (Higurashi no naku Koro ni) - it was one of my top favorite shows for a while, if you were big in to Elfen Lied you'll definitely love it as it has the same basic feel. OH ANDDDDDD my Princess Bubblegum & Marceline duo shot by Short Fuse Pinups with fellow model Shodan was submitted this week as well! Eeeee! I hope both sets go over well in review, they've both been waiting quite a while to be submitted so I'm really happy to be able to release more information about them! I still have a few sets th...

It's May! Time sure is flying... Updates & good news!

Okay, so, FIRST, I passed my final exam with flying colors! I'm not done with school yet as I have to return and make up some of the physical aspects of my course since the accident prevented me from being able to participate in some of the testing, but at least I don't have to worry about anymore written tests and I'm mostly done! Weee!

Second, I'm finally moving back home today! I have finally healed enough to be able to live on my own again! Weeee independence!


Third, since it's May, that means you'll be seeing a new set from me in a couple of weeks! And... It's the one you've all been waiting for with baited breath... The one, the only, the legendary... DUO WITH ANNASTHESIA! Set to release Wednesday, May 18th! Are you excited? I know I am!

If you aren't excited as I am just y...


With the help of some very wonderful people yesterday I am officially moved into my new wheelchair friendly apartment! It was actually kind of funny, we broke for lunch just a bit after noon and reconvened after eating - and guess who came to help me! Mira, Cerise, and Gemini! It was like a mini deviant party! The timing was just perfect - they had come into town to shoot some sets with Sheeanna (The Sinful Side of SSD) and once they wrapped they came by to help me get the odds and ends all put away so that once I'm stable enough to go back to living on my own I can just go home and won't have to worry about unpacking things. I am so appreciative of all the help they and everyone else that came by gave me, I really wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything without them (not being able to walk is getting really annoying) it feels so good to have the weight lifted off my shoulders of having another task accomplished. Now my main focus is on the two weeks I ha...


"A CAR CRASH?! A car crash kill Lily and James Potter?! It's an outrage! It's a scandal!"

Despite the world's desperate attempts to rid itself of me once again, I have emerged through the flames victorious. So you guys won't be seeing me shoot any new sets anytime soon (unless you want some sexy wheelchair photos... Hmm.. Weird. Okay, not gonna lie. I contemplated the possibility of a Mariko set.) Lucky for you though I still have a bunch of sets I already shot that haven't been sent in yet! AND my Princess Bubblegum set was accepted so that one should be going live relatively soon plus if you haven't noticed from my avatar change, my duo with Annasthesia has a scheduled release date of... sometime in the near future! Sets that I've shot already but haven't been sent in include: A NEW Rena Ryuugu (since my original set was taken down when the bloodhammer came down on us) a Fionna (Adventure Time), and a n...

Hey everyone!

I hope your holiday season is going well - I just moved across state to a new apartment which I am very excited about. The unpacking part isn't super fun (which is why I am currently procrastinating by writing this blog, lol) but I am really happy about being closer to my family and friends for the holidays. It was *really* stressful to move everything down right before Christmas and it depleted most of my funds (so I am incredibly, horribly broke right now) but I am happy to have done it! In other news, as you can see from my avatar my Amy Pond Christmas special set was accept for publication on the site! I am so excited about it, Sheeanna and I worked so incredibly hard to make this set happen and get all the props/location/decorations/costume - seriously I couldn't do anything without her, she made the magic that brought all of the last minute pieces together that really made the set pay such a great homage to the show. I am SO happy with how it tu...

So you guys probably have noticed that I haven't changed my avatar since my Galadriel set come out (that was my most favorite set by far - in so many different ways. I have such a personal emotional connection with LoTR and it was such a wonderful experience shooting that set - as always, with one of my best friends Sheeanna (the photographer) the location was stunning, and the weather was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better day.)

Anyway, I changed my avatar..... To something new... I could share it with you, but I'd have to "Link" it to you... HA!

I know that joke was terrible. Don't judge me.

Anyway, the set goes live in less than two weeks (OMG) so keep your eyes peeled! I am really excited for this release, Sheeanna and I worked really hard on this set!! :-)

While everyone is away at Dragon Con I'm in my home state schemeing... I'm getting together with Sheeanna (The Sinful Side of SSD/Sheeanna Singer Designs) next week to finally shoot my Dr. Carol Marcus after having this costume finished for years! 

I am so excited for this shoot, I have my phaser ready and set to stun! I have so many details planned out and we're planning at shooting it at the crack of dawn so the lighting will be gorgeous. I haven't actually shot and planned out a solo set I'm what feels like forever so I'm really looking forward to it. Additionally I've had Carol ready for so long that I feel crazy for not shooting her yet. It's been hard to shoot for the site since I moved four hours away from my home city, but I try and make the trip whenever I get the chance. I hope you guys like it, and I hope that everyone at Dragon Con is having a great time!!

Back Home...

I would like to make a big huge public THANK YOU to Cosplay Deviants for inviting me to be a part of Mega Con this past weekend. I had such an amazing time working the booth and hanging out with my fellow Deviants on the team (seriously, you guys are the shit! I love you all!) even though it was killer hot outside and I learned the hard way that wearing Link to a convention (unless it's snowing out) is torture, I couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to spend my weekend with. And everyone that came to the booth to get prints signed or take a photo - thank you all for being so kind and wonderful and really making me feel like all of the time, effort, and money I put into cosplay is all worth it and appreciated. You guys are the best! I got to go to Disney after the con with Admin & Boss Lady - it was AMAZING! I felt like a kid again - I am so happy to be surrounded by such fun, wonderful people. For those of you who missed out on Mega Con, maybe I will get to meet you ...